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STEEM (STEEM) is among the top 30 cryptocurrencies at the moment despite a recent stall in its blockchain operations. However, the team released an update about a week ago confirming they had patched up the network and users could now operate normally. STEEM has been on a bull-run in the past week gaining about 42% in its price.

This has given hope to the Steem community especially with the upcoming Hardfork 20 which is expected to improve the network’s infrastructure greatly. In addition, Steem will release the ‘19.4’ which mainly focuses on statistical analysis for fair operations within the platform. Some of the developments to expect from the Hardfork 20 were recently published by the Steem team and there is a lot to expect from this milestone;

The Hardfork 20

This news was released to the larger crypto community in May and has sparked excitement amongst STEEM (STEEM) users. A couple of the improvements that will be brought by the HF20 have been highlighted in the rest of the article,

· Curation Reward Balance

Blockchain technology is still a work in progress and as expected most platforms are working on loopholes in their existing protocols. Steem is among the project that is trying to bring a balance to its current reward system. At the moment the platform is more favorable to authors as opposed to having a balance between the content creators and the curators. Authors get 100% rewards on up voting their content plus a portion of the curators rewards which a curator might end up with 0% if they vote at the same time as the author.

The HF20 will be a good solution to this inefficiency since the unused curation rewards will be directed to a common rewards pool. Initially the author received these rewards but with the redistribution curators will earn more rewards for up voting content as opposed to the current situation. The move will also ensure that authors do not self vote themselves in a bid to beat the system and rewards will be directed to valuable content.

  • Market Order Duration

The current infrastructure of the Steem platform is based on internal market hence internal market orders are filled over time. One problem that has struck this mode of operation is the lack of an alternative that forces expiration of market orders. Therefore, users submit long lived market orders that need a big bandwidth for consensus of the transaction. The HF20 will implement an expiry duration of 28 days for market orders which is the mode of business in most financial markets.

  • Longer Comment Duration

STEEM (STEEM) plans on removing the 20 second duration limit for comments on a post with the HF20. Users will be able to comment on any block once for a span of 3 seconds which is similar to the voting restriction.

The Release 19.4 – AppBase, StatsD, and RocksDB

This release will change the dynamics of operation within the STEEM (STEEM) platform. It incorporates the Appbase, RocksDB plugin to keep track of account records and the StatsD for statistical measurements. The team has currently completed the planned development which leaves the testing stage for release to the market. Steem plans to release its latest master as the 19.4 as soon as possible if no issues are found.


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