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The past week has been quite good for Ethos (ETHOS) since the crypto coin’s price has appreciated by 66%. This price action can be attributed to the larger performance within crypto markets but mostly the announcement from Ethos that they will release a Universal Wallet. The roll-out for this development has already begun with Germany and Netherlands as the pioneer countries. Yesterday, the U.S also joined in this band wagon after Ethos released the Universal Wallet in this jurisdiction as a special 4th of July treat.

Ethos Universal Wallet

Crypto users are excited about the Universal Wallet since they will now be able to control their accounts more directly as opposed to the current protocols where third parties have influence. In the recent past, crypto safety in terms of storage has mostly been relying on centralized parties for control of private keys which often inconveniences the safety of fund in this arena. With the Universal Wallet, Ethos users will have more power to execute operations with funds from their wallets in addition to increased sense of safety.

It was important for crypto projects to come up with protocols that uphold the true decentralized nature of crypto coins. This is why a wallet that reduces the centralization currently in crypto coin storage wallets is a big plus for Ethos. The plan is to introduce various digital assets under the ‘universal’ wallet which will use a single Smart key for ownership purposes of the digital assets.

In addition to the mentioned developments, Ethos (ETHOS) is also working on advancing the Universal Wallet applications. This is through implementation of cold storage options, crypto research and tracking of portfolios into the infrastructure. The idea is to make this cryptocurrency an all rounded coin that provides financial services in crypto with the most efficient and easy to use features.

Fusion Ethos Digital Assets Partnership

The financial services arena is among the major and most potential driver of the crypto industry as of press date. Fusion operates as a financial advisor within the United States jurisdiction after acquiring registration recently. This move will enable the organization to engage in a variety of assets including digital currency advisory.

Ethos has been lucky enough to make the list of pioneer partnerships with Fusion. As a result, the two are optimistic about the move since Fusion will be able to leverage their position in crypto while Ethos will benefit from the strategic tact Fusion might provide. This partnership could go a long way in defining a bright future for both projects especially with the added advantage of access to western markets.

ETHOS Price Overview

The price of Ethos (ETHOS) against the USD is at $2.05 as of press date while its market cap stands at $158 million. This is among the top 70 crypto coins in the market right now and is expected to push further up given its strong bull momentum in the past two weeks. However, the coin is probably the most volatile at the moment with ranges close to 80%. Given its all-time high of $10 it would be soon to rule out the potential of Ethos breaking the $5 mark later in Q4.


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