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After the IOHK Google meeting in London a few days ago, Cardano (ADA) has gained a lot of mileage in the market with speculations that the crypto platform is teaming u with the search engine outfit for undisclosed project.  Nothing has been made public about any partnership yet but Google enthusiasts are more informed about the Cardano ecosystem than never before.

Cardano continues to increase its presences and gaining ground in new markets. The ADA coin listing on Bitkub in Thailand is a show of its intent to continue venturing into unexploited markets. This comes days after the coin became tradable at eToro.

Cardano (ADA) Silently Threatening Market Leaders

Cardano is entering into every digital coin enthusiast watch list given the recent and ongoing ecosystem developments. The Google office visit by the IOHK team opened the network to many who had no idea what Cardano is all about.

With a possible Cardano (ADA) Google partnership still doing rounds in social media, the Cardano project team is working on Marlowe, this is a new language which is addressing the financial sector. This is a new form of smart contracts that are specifically designed for the financial industry.

Many developments are coming to the fore after the roadmap updates and one of the new aspects to watch is the Plutus Core which is a language that will work well with the Cardano simplicity. This is the settlement layer that comes with a mono-scripting language. According to the amended Cardano roadmap:

“It is highly expressive yet simple and secure. It is based on well-understood ideas from programming language theory, for example, pure functional programming, which will enable verification technique to ensure correctness of scripts. Plutus Core is not designed to be written directly by programmers but to be a target for compilers, including the Plutus language.”

Cardano (ADA) Listing on Bitkub

Bitkub is a pioneer digital asset exchange that has a huge fan base in Thailand. This is a new outfit and its popularity among the Thai is a clear indicator of how they are crypto thirsty and ADA getting listed to trade alongside BTC, WAN and ETH is a big plus for Cardano.

The Bitkub listing however did not come with a lot of fanfare as it came days after entering the Korean market. Cardano goal is to enter as many markets as possible since this is the only way ADA will gain traction.  The Thai and Korean markets are seen as very lucrative.

Cardano (ADA) Price Highlights

With the continuing listing on various exchanges, ADA price continues to decline and has remained shy of the $0.16 support zone after shedding a few points against the green buck. The decline to $0.15 has seen the coin miss the anticipated upward momentum. However, all is not lost for the coin as it is responding to the current oscillating market.

At the time of writing, Cardano (ADA) price stood at $0.143766 after losing 4.50% to the dollar and 3.76% to BTC. The coin is still stuck on rank 8 by market cap with a total of $74.9milliom worth of ADA changing hands in the last 24 hours with Upbit pushing 31%. The ADA/KRW appears to be the most popular pairing with the newly found exchange, Bitkub registering no activity. With the fantastic job the Cardano team is doing behind the scenes, it is clear that the platform will continue flourishing and give its competitors a run for their money.


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