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When it comes to secure coins in the crypto verse, DigiByte (DGB) undoubtedly scores high. This has attracted a lot of interest especially with the continuing real life use cases. The coin steady growth just got a boost from its integration with UTRUST.

DigiByte will benefit immensely from UTRUST integration. This is among the very few platforms where one can directly transact digital currencies into fiat in seconds. The app as been providing virtual currency payment solutions for some time now and is huge boost the DGB going forward.

DigiByte (DGB) Addition on UTRUST

The new that DGB is gotten a nod from UTRUST have been received with a lot of positivity. This means the coin will be paired with all the coins on the app portfolio which will be a reference point to convert adorers in to adopters in the coming days. Other latest additions to the UTRUST network include PundiX (NPXS). In response to the announcement, Rudy Bouwman, the marketing manager at DigiByte said:

“We’re excited by the prospect of working with UTRUST and getting DigiByte to be your payment processing solution; this would allow us to grow organically and attract more interest as an open source solution. We hope not only to create a robust decentralized public blockchain but to change the world for the better.”

The news comes at a time when the coin needed a boost and a spike on the price that the community has been anticipating. However, with cryptocurrencies, organic growth is always met with a lot of aloofness but is it remains sustainable; the benefits will trickle down to the value of DGB.

The simplicity and user friendliness will impact positively to the growth of the coin and the interface clears various hurdles that traders face when transacting between crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat. This will eventually grow the coin without the influence of speculations.

DigiByte (DGB) Steady Growth                                                

Too much has been going on behind the scenes at DigiByte (DGB) and this has the pushed the coin to the current 33 rank by market capitalization. For the last one week, the coin has appreciated by over 22% and the momentum seems to hold longer with the coin gaining double digits to trade at $0.043735.

The last 24-hour trading period has seen the coin gain 13.20% against the green buck and 13.32% to BTC. The spike after the coin joined the UTRUST ranks might continue into the coming weeks given that it was trading at $0.028 in the last 48 hours.

With many Altcoins struggling to get back to the gaining zones, DGB seems to be riding high; at least for now. The coin however suffered a setback during the June 9 market crash and appears to be recovering the loss pretty well.

The coin price surge reflects on the volume growth as well and more traders are trading on DGB compared to same time last month. The last 24-hours have seen $18million worth of DGB enter the market after Bittrex and Poloniex exchanges pushed 45.50% and 17.41% worth of DGB into the market.

BTC/DGB was the most popular pair with DGB/ETH and DGB/USDT pairs coming seconds and third respectively. DGB popularity for the last 48 hours could have been ignited by the new pairing at UTRUST and the momentum is set to continue after the coin enters into the Indian market courtesy of Coinome.

DigiByte (DGB) on Coinome

In an interesting turn of events, Coinome has announced listing of DGB. This is an additional boost for the coin route to the market strategy. The coin will trade alongside established coins including Ripple (XRP). A DGB/ XRP trading pair mean additional exposure and uptake for the small coin by market cap.

DigiByte (DGB) will also be paired with Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash but with the support of UTRUST, the popularity of DGB can only go up and this will spur its usage, grow the value and set the price towards a breakout. The current price of DGB is ideal for any investors willing to stake on a coin that is set to provide fast returns.


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