Charles Hoskinson, Cardano

Two days ago, Charles Hoskinson did an AMA, and there are some interesting insights that one can take from it. One of the most interesting things from this AMA is that Cardano (ADA) is looking to build a platform that will usher in the age of regulated ICOs.   This is quite interesting because the reason why ICO have come under fire from regulators is their scammy nature. Many of ICOs today are scams where the owners collect money, and never develop the projects.

That’s why some governments such as China and South Korea outrightly banned them. Cardano could give life to ICOs again, if it can create an environment where people are sure that the ICOs created on Cardano are credible. From a value point of view, an explosion of next-gen ICOs that are credible and compliant, would see the value of Cardano shoot up by a huge margin.

Another interesting take out from this AMA is that Cardano is rebuilding the financial structure of business as we know it. This means that Cardano is creating an environment where future businesses can create smart contracts for business in a safe, fast, and in a highly cost-effective environment.  Achieving this will place Cardano at an advantage over the likes of Ethereum, and EOS (EOS), which are also targeted at the same market. Actually, Charles actually pointed out that Cardano will in the future be better than EOS (EOS) because it is more decentralized and professional.

Charles also touched on the upcoming ATM mobile wallet for Cardano. This is quite interesting because it will make Cardano more usable in everyday transactions.  It fits well into Cardano’s overall goal of building a decentralized infrastructure through which, organizations can run their financial transactions in a decentralized environment.

However, one thing that stood out from this interview, is the issue of partnering with Google. On this, Charles stated that,

“Here’s the reality. Google is a multinational company. It’s one of the largest most powerful engineering companies in world. They have some phenomenal scientists working at Google, some world famous cryptographers, info-sec people. If Google’s going to do a cryptocurrency, Google does not need to partner with me … I think Google like Microsoft and Apple and Facebook, is just going to go its own way and do its own thing.”

Essentially this means that most of the other cryptos that keep pushing the idea that they could partner with such companies are taking their communities for a ride. Companies like Google and Facebook are more likely to launch their own cryptos, rather than partner with existing projects.

This honesty goes to show that Charles is one person who has no illusions about the crypto environment. He is more focused on building a functional crypto, rather than shilling.  This in itself is a big asset for Cardano, one that will see this project achieve big things in the long-run.

Once Cardano (ADA) starts rising, it will take many people by surprise.


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