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One of the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects in the market today is Tron (TRX). What they are aiming for could see Tron change the world, and become one of the most important blockchain projects in the market. Tron (TRX) is looking to create a decentralized internet, and that’s no easy feat. It comes with a set of challenges including political ones.

To contextualize the challenges that Tron (TRX) is likely to face, one needs to first look at global internet trends. With the explosion of the internet, governments all across the world are looking for ways to control the information flow. They are doing this not out of malice, but for security reasons.  Issues like terrorism are a real threat in the 21st century.

That’s why a centralized and controlled internet, is of key interest to governments all across the world. The U.S is on the forefront in pushing for this, as was exposed by Snowden some years back. Therefore, expecting governments to allow a decentralized internet to take root is a fallacy. Tron (TRX) would have to do this forcefully and with lots of resistance from very powerful forces, including from global powers like the U.S.

The other challenge comes from internet monopolies. The internet may be huge, but it is controlled by a handful of large ISP companies. These companies together with internet behemoths like Google and Facebook have everything to lose in case the internet becomes decentralized.  As such, it would be in the interest of ISPs to frustrate Tron in its bid to create a decentralized internet.

One of the ways they can frustrate the decentralized internet is by limiting bandwidth. Yes, the people may have the content and want to share it through a peer-to-peer mechanism, but if the bandwidth is reduced, it would be impossible for the whole thing to take off. This is a huge challenge, one that can easily derail Tron from achieving its dream of creating the decentralized internet.

The good thing is that, if Tron can overcome these challenges, then it would be set to become one of the most valuable blockchains in the market. Some even better news is that Tron (TRX) has options that can help it overcome these problems.

One of the solutions that Tron (TRX) has is to build the decentralized internet infrastructure from scratch. For instance, Tron can invest in satellites and 4G networks. If Tron can have its own satellites, it would be in a position to operate independently of ISPs, and help its decentralized internet project take off. This is not cheap, but the problem that Tron is looking to solve is not small either. It will take some extra ordinary investments and will power to achieve this goal.

Luckily, Tron (TRX) has a visionary leader at the helm. Justin Sun is one of the most visionary leaders in the crypto community.  If he has set his eyes on creating a decentralized internet, chances are that he will do it. He will find a solution that will put Tron (TRX) firmly on the way to achieving its goal. For Tron (TRX) investors, this is a reason to HODL.


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