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You are probably wondering who Kahina Van Dyke is, right? Well, she is the new senior Vice President, Business and Corp Development, at ripple. This high flying career woman has worked for a wide range of global corporations including Facebook, and MasterCard. She is bringing a wealth of knowledge into ripple, especially on issues to do with better integration of financial services, and the inclusion of people into the financial ecosystem.  She describes herself as a global villager, so you can get the idea of what she is about. So what can Ripple (XRP) investors expect from Kahina, now that she is at the helm of ripple, a company that is looking to take financial integration to the next level?

Well, with her connections to Facebook, there is a good chance that she could spearhead an integration of Ripple (XRP) into Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest websites in the world, and connects over 2 billion people all across the world. While this integration is social, imagine how bigger it would get if people were to send and receive money though the platform?  It would put the platform at the very forefront of connecting humanity in all aspects of their lives.  Of course, Ripple (XRP) also happens to be one of the best positioned platforms for such an integration.

It is superfast, highly scalable and has some of the lowest transaction costs of any crypto, and she is now working at ripple. Were Kahina to facilitate such an integration, then she would change the entire trajectory of XRP for good. It could easily become the most valuable crypto in the world, when you factor in all its other partnerships with banks.

Kahina has also worked senior management at MasterCard.  This would be a hint for XRP investors that she could work on an integration of XRP into the systems of this company. She will most likely also work on widening the scope of banks that ripple can work with, and have them adopt XRP. Such adoption will add on to the overall value of XRP, and it’s good for Ripple (XRP).

Basically, Kahina’s entry into ripple is a reason for XRP investors to smile. That’s because the future of XRP is reliant on its integration into the global financial system.  As such, companies like Facebook, MasterCard would go a long way in improving on this, and pushing up XRP to its rightful place in crypto, and that’s at the top.

However, what investors can do at this point is wait. She has just come in, so you can only hope that she can work her magic and make XRP investors happy, by doing something that can uplift its value. It has been pretty beat up lately, with Bitcoin (BTC) having a chokehold on the market, and the SEC issue hanging over XRP. Long-term things look good for XRP. With capable people like Kahina, and Brad Garlinghouse at ripple, the price will turn out right in the long-run.


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