XinFin (XDCE) is one of the highest potential blockchains in the market today. It is hybrid blockchain, one that meets the needs of business by giving them transaction privacy for vital data. In its short span in the market, XinFin has achieved much more than what many established public blockchains have achieved.  Here are some of the things that XinFin has achieved so far, achievements that will have a huge impact on its future valuation.

First, is the successful launch of the XinFin Multisig wallet. The XinFin wallet is a perfect tool, not just for investors looking for safe storage of their cryptos, but also for businesses looking for a settlements solution in cross-border payments. This wallet is in line with the ideals of the XinFin hybrid blockchain, and that’s the practical application of blockchain in business.  It’s a major reap given that there are many well-known public blockchains that are yet to develop a bug-free and functional wallet. This wallet is a pointer to the massive potential of the XinFin (XDC) blockchain as a business tool, and to its future potential as an investable asset.

But the XinFin team is also going beyond the technical features of blockchain. They are aggressively pushing XinFin out there, and getting people to know more about it.  Awareness is very important, and is pretty much the reason why investors were so excited about the 2018 consensus event some months ago.  One of the ways that the XinFin team is pushing the XinFin hybrid blockchain is through blockchain forums.

Yesterday, the XinFin blockchain Vice President was the main speaker at the FCCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) event, an event that was fully sponsored by XinFin. This event was attended by many business leaders in India, and they got to learn of the benefit of XinFin to their businesses.   Given that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, an integration of XinFin in Indian business through the FCCI will be a huge boost to XinFin (XDC).

On the 17th of July, XinFin will also be taking part in another summit, the 5thannual global public investor launch in Singapore. The event will be organized by OMFIF, a think tank for central banks and governments on matters monetary policy and public investments. This is an interesting event for XinFin because part of XinFin’s goal is to allow governments to borrow in a low-rate environment, through a peer-to-peer mechanism. It augurs well with the needs of the participants of this event, and could win XinFin a few partners.

XinFin (XDC)’s huge moves are also attracting more exchanges to list this crypto. Two days ago, Golix exchange announced that they were listing XinFin (XDC). This is exciting and will add to the overall volumes of XinFin traded, thereby impacting on its value.  It’s also a precursor to a listing of XinFin (XDCE) by even bigger exchanges, and take this crypto into the big leagues of cryptocurrencies. With its fundamentals, a listing of XinFin (XDC) on any of the top exchanges would very easily see its value shoot up to the top 20 in coin market cap. That’s because there are very few cryptos that match its fundamentals in the market.


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