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Digibyte (DGB) has been around for some time now, but it doesn’t get as much hype as the other cryptos. Actually most of the cryptos that receive so much hype in the market are not anywhere near digibyte in terms of quality.

However, with the recent launch of the Digibyte awareness team, more investors are getting to know about this highly undervalued crypto. One of the key goals of the Digibyte Awareness Team is media awareness, and that’s exactly what Digibyte got, with the interview of Jared Tate on CNBC. In this interview with one of the most powerful media in the world, Jared explained some of the key features of Digibyte (DGB) that make it stand out from other cryptos.  For instance, he touched on the issue of speed. He explained that Digibyte is one of the fastest cryptos in the market today, up to 40 times faster than bitcoin.

He also touched on the issue of security. According to Jared, Digibyte is one of the most secure blockchains in the market. It achieves this because it has 5 proof-of-work algorithms. As such, for someone to attack Digibyte, they would have to take control of all 5 mining algorithms.  This means that even if all bitcoin miners decided to attack Digibyte, it would be impossible to successfully carry out a 51% attack. This is quite an interesting aspect to Digibyte, one that makes it one of the most stable and secure blockchains in the market. It’s perfect for business since merchants want a crypto that doesn’t have security vulnerabilities.

However, one of the most important aspects to Digibyte (DGB) that Jared touched on during this interview is the use case of Digibyte. According to Jared, Digibyte has a far greater use case than just as a currency. His argument was that Digibyte can be used to solve 95% of all internet vulnerabilities.  While this may sound like a marketing gimmick, one needs to look at the problems that a Digibyte feature like Digi-ID looks to solve.

One of the biggest security threats on the internet is the theft of personal information, be it through websites or credit cards.  Digi-ID solves this problem by eliminating the need to reveal personal information when logging into websites. It does this by removing the need for username and passwords.  All you have to need to do is scan the Digi-ID QR code and you can login without putting your personal information at risk. Digi-ID gives Digibyte a strong use case especially in online banking, where scammers can steal personal information and use it to steal money from unsuspecting users.  Jared also touched on the use-case of Digibyte as a way of securing contracts, through the blockchain, a feature that can be used across all industries.

With its strong use case, and unrivalled features such as security and transaction speeds, there is no doubt that Digibyte (DGB) will continue to rise, and push into the top 10. All it needs is more awareness, and this is going quite well too.


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