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Ethereum Classic (ETC): Yesterday, it emerged that Coinbase had got the approval to proceed with acquisitions that will make it a broker-dealer. According to Bloomberg, Coinbase can now go ahead and acquire Keystone Capital and two other companies, as part of its strategy to list security tokens. Once this purchase and integration is complete, Coinbase will now be in a position to list tokens that come to the market through ICOs.

This move by Coinbase give a strategic edge to two cryptos that are listed on Coinbase, and that’s Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). These two cryptos are primarily used as platforms for the development and launch of ICOs. The reason why Ethereum (ETH) shot up in 2017 was because of an explosion of ICOs. Things only slowed down after the U.S, China and other countries started cracking down on ICOs.  With this approval, it means that there will be a resurgence of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic-based security type tokens coming on to the market through Coinbase and other regulated broker dealers.

Ethereum (ETH) has leg up on this since it is the dominant player in the ICO space. But with a listing on Coinbase, Ethereum Classic (ETC) will also see an increase in Ethereum Classic based ICOs. That’s because those looking to launch ICOs with a target of the U.S market, will most likely do so through any of these two platforms. In 2018, the value of ICOs is about $12 billion, in spite of all the hiccups that the market is facing with regards to regulations. Therefore, with the blessings of regulators, this market could easily double in the course of the year. This will reflect on the value of the two Coinbase listed ICO platforms, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

So what’s the future? At its peak in 2017 Ethereum was trading at over $1000. Now with the coming of security tokens on Coinbase and other exchanges that are seeking similar licenses, ICOs will attract more institutional investors and drive up their numbers. More retail investors who have kept off ICOs will most likely also jump into them, now that the space is more regulated. This places Ethereum (ETH) at a unique position, one that could see it hit a valuation of over $3000 in the next Bull Run. That’s also backed by the fact that Coinbase now has custodial services for institutional investors, which will further add to the overall momentum of Ethereum (ETH) in the near future.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) will be supported by the same factors as Ethereum. But it has something even better, and that’s it’s roadmap for late 2018/19.  Part of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) roadmap is to implement Sharding in 2019. This will make it one of the most scalable blockchains, capable of handling over 1000 transactions per second. This will definitely add to its value.

Therefore, at their current valuations, these cryptos have good room for growth, now that positive sentiment is slowly taking over the market. They stand a good chance of outperforming the market this year, and make for great investments.


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