Digibyte (DGB) is slowly gaining visibility in crypto space. More investors are beginning to realize that Digibyte is a superior blockchain, one that has the potential to transform the world.  While the superiority of the Digibyte tech has never been in question, it’s the lack of awareness that has been holding back. However, since the launch of the Digibyte awareness team, things are changing. A few days ago, Jared Tate was on CNBC and gave Digibyte some good PR. The works of the awareness team, are also visible in the exchanges that are now listing Digibyte.

Yesterday, the Digibyte team announced that Digibyte (DGB) was among the first cryptocurrencies to be listed on the new Bitbox exchange. The thing with Bitbox is that it is not just an ordinary exchange. It is owned by Line global, the company behind Line, an application that has over $500 million users. This means that the exchange could leverage on these numbers and drive up volumes. This places all cryptos listed on this exchange at an advantage, in terms of volumes. Chances are that Digibyte will see a surge in volumes to levels not seen before. As a consequence, it could easily move up several spots on coin market cap rankings after this listing.

But this is not the only good news surrounding Digibyte (DGB) at the moment. There is also the possibility that it will be listed on Coinbase. Right now there is an ongoing petition by the Digibyte community, to have Digibyte listed on Coinbase. The petition has grown quite fast, and now stands at 9000 people.  You can check it out below. Digibyte

That’s a strong push by the community, one that the Coinbase team cannot ignore. Besides, Digibyte meets every criteria that Coinbase is using in evaluating cryptos. From the cryptos they have listed so far, it is clear that decentralization is one of the aspects they are looking at, when listing coins. Digibyte is probably the most decentralized of all the cryptos in the market today. Its core wallet has been downloaded over 200k times, and it has the longest UTXO blockchain in the market. This makes Digibyte a prime candidate for adoption on Coinbase, and with the community aggressively pushing, it will happen sooner than most people can imagine.

All these good news are driving investor interest in Digibyte. In the last one week, Digibyte’s popularity on Google trends has shot up. Google trends usually signify the level of interest that investors have in a crypto, and in the case of Digibyte, there seems to be an explosion in interest. In the last 24 hours, the number of Google searches for Digibyte have shot up by over 200%, an incredible gain for a crypto that was only recently, unknown to many.

With all these factors at play, there is a good chance that Digibyte (DGB) could close the year at over $1. It has the fundamentals to boost it to that price level.


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