Holochain, hot

It has emerged that Coinbase now has the approval to handle security-type tokens. This has got investors excited that Coinbase could now be listing XRP (XRP). That’s because the prevailing sentiment is that they have not listed it so far, out of the fear that it could be declared a security. Therefore, with Coinbase now legally allowed to handle security tokens, there is really no reason why they shouldn’t list it.  For XRP (XRP) investors, this is more like a checkmate for Coinbase. But is it really the case?

There is a good chance that even with their capacity as a broker-dealer, Coinbase may not be that quick to list XRP. That’s because nothing has really changed on the XRP  end. The SEC has not come out and made an announcement with regards to the status of XRP. As such, if Coinbase were to list it today, chances are that it would complicate matters for them.

Assuming Coinbase were to list XRP (XRP) on the basis of its new status as a broker-dealer, it would automatically mean that they have come to the conclusion that XRP is indeed a security. But then it would also mean that XRP (XRP) has been an unregistered security all along.  Coinbase’s license doesn’t allow them to sell unregistered securities. It would possibly open a string of lawsuits that could affect not just Coinbase, but also ripple as well.

On the other hand, if they were to list it as a decentralized crypto just like Bitcoin (BTC), and the other cryptos on their exchange, a move by the SEC to declare XRP (XRP) a security, would put them in an awkward position. That’s because they would possibly have to delist it, since at that point it would be an unregistered security.

In essence, chances are that Coinbase will most likely stay off XRP (XRP) until the SEC makes a decision about it. However, this should not really be an issue for XRP (XRP) investors. That’s because in the long-run, it won’t matter which exchanges are listing or not listing XRP (XRP). Its value will come from the number of banks using it as a tool for liquidity in making cross-border payments.

Therefore, the biggest news to look out for are those related to banks adopting XRP (XRP).  So far there are over 150 banks that are using XCurrent, and it is expected that they will all go live with XRP (XRP) to further cut on cross-border costs.  Once these banks start using XRP (XPP), many others will follow, and make it the standard in cross-border payments.  This would see XRP (XRP) take over this market from SWIFT and give XRP dominance in an over $20 trillion market.

By the time this happens, news about exchange listings will be inconsequential. Such a possibility also makes XRP (XRP) highly undervalued at current prices. If XRP becomes a dominant player in cross-border payments, it could easily be worth over $100 a coin.


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