Qtum (QTUM): The recent announcement of exploration to add new assets on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange has caused variations in opinions. Some feel the excessive media attention placed on assets listed on the exchange continue to sideline the importance of cryptocurrencies as we now it. Others feel the short term gains in price from these publicity stunts’ by Coinbase are beneficial to the development of the blockchain.

Others simply feel some coins have been left out of the listing as the exchange initially announced five coins. Coins such as Ripple (XRP), Qtum (QTUM) and Iota (MIOTA) raised calls to be added to the list as they represent futuristic technologies that may well cause a soar in price. QTUM has challenged the larger blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies in a quest to be the best blockchiain yet. Why should it be considered as a possibility of addition on the exchange?

Coinbase needs QTUM for its long term vision

Going through the list of blockchain projects currently in existence, it is hard to get a blockchain with as much promise now and in the future as QTUM blockchain. The Qtum Foundation has created a blockchain that uses Bitcoin’s UXTO (Unspent Transaction Output) model and integrates an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to write smart contracts.

With Coinbase having already listed both BTC and ETH, it would be a huge miss not listing Qtum (QTUM), an upgrade to both. Looking at the developments on Qtum blockchain technology shows the high probability of the blockchain and its digital asset, QTUM succeeding. Success on blockchains in the future will heavily be determined by the technological improvements and not the overall price as seen in most of the ‘worthless’ tokens cropping up.

QTUM is not listed as a security

The question of a digital asset being listed as an asset always raises the question of Coinbase acceptance. The backstory pinpoints to XRP which the SEC has been keeping a close eye on the digital asset discouraging Coinbase from taking it up. QTUM has ticked off this requirement as it places fully as a payment asset on the platform and is in no way a security. The advantages the Qtum blockchain has over both BTC and ETH should be a cause to check for the exchange or risk missing an opportunity as it has continuously done with XRP.

QTUM offers an opening for Coinbase to tap Asian market

Coinbase has plans to start expanding its market reach in other countries starting with Europe and to other parts in the world. One of the markets that have seen a boom in increased adoption has to be the Asian market. Coinbase will soon look east to the market and the Singapore based cryptocurrency looks to offer the perfect opportunity with its large community following in Asia.

The three reasons do not conclusively offer assurance on whether Qtum (QTUM) will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase continues to raise the hopes of enthusiasts and critics alike as the coins to be listed continue to face speculation on addition. We will wait to see the fate of Coinbase on QTUM.


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