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Crypto projects launch bounty programs all the time. Most of the time these programs are aimed at finding bugs in the network. XinFin is doing things a little differently and is launching a bounty program to create more awareness for the project.

The campaign that XinFin has launched is targeted at social media influencers, those who have a strong following in the crypto community. Through this campaign, XinFin stands to reap big because the project in itself in solid. It’s not just another crypto pump and dump project, but one that has the potential to change global trade as we know it today.

One of XinFin’s strongest points is that it is a platform through which, governments can borrow without having to go through the expensive processes of borrowing domestically, or from international financial institutions. That’s huge, and once it gains traction, will see XinFin change how financing is handled across the world. All it needs is some more awareness and the project is taking that step through this bounty campaign. Besides, XinFin is complementing this by organizing summits, where governments and other stakeholders get to learn more about the XinFin hybrid blockchain. For instance, on the 17th, XinFin was a key player in the GPI2018 submit organized by OMFIF in Singapore.

Another great aspect to XinFin that supports and gives credence to this campaign is the fact that XinFin has launched a research lab at the University of California Berkeley. Through this lab, XinFin is guaranteed to make advancements that give it an edge in the hybrids blockchains market. A combination of great marketing and some strong research, places XinFin at a unique place to grow in this space, and take the top spot in this increasingly important aspect of blockchain technology.

However, the biggest benefit to this campaign will come from the fact that XinFin will get enough exposure to get listed on more exchanges. Exchange listings are critical in crypto. The more exchanges a crypto a listed on, the better its chances of growth. That’s because it attracts more investors, which also makes it more liquid. At the moment, XinFin is making some major reaps in getting listed on more exchanges. For instance, yesterday XinFin (XDCE) got listed on Easy trade. Once this campaign gains traction, XinFin (XDCE) will most definitely get into major exchanges.  In fact, with this campaign, it is possible for XinFin (XDCE) to gain a listing on an exchange like Binance.

From an investor perspective, the launch of this campaign is a perfect buy signal. That’s because everything it aims to achieve is geared towards adding to the intrinsic value of XinFin (XDCE). It will attract more partners, more investors, and more importantly more exchanges.  In the near term, the volumes traded of XinFin are guaranteed to keep pushing higher, and so will its value.  As long as the team keeps doing what they are doing, chances are that XinFin (XDCE) could hit $0.1 in the very short-term.


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