Cardano (ADA) influence in the blockchain sectors is on the rise and the platform is using the society as the focal pillar to drive its agenda to the ordinary user. Through empowering communities, the Cardano (ADA) brand is gaining popularity as stakeholders begin to embrace the concept. Many Cardano followers are building ADA portfolios and the result is being witnessed in the price and value growth.

Unlike most digital coins, Cardano has an active community in almost every country across the world. The goal of reaching out to the grassroots level is to make users buy and hold ADA and use it to solve their real world problems. A mass adoption will see users make payments in virtually all outlets thus giving them equitable opportunities.

EMURGO Role in Cardano (ADA) Vision

EMURGO is playing a very pivotal role in the Cardano ecosystem; it is supporting all commercially viable enterprises willing to use the platform. This makes it easier for them to offer smart-contract based services in a secure and decentralized environment. Through the EMURGO initiative, fraud, system abuse and corruption will become a thing of the past though the ambitious movement; Me Too.

With the top coins shedding their last week’s gains, Cardano has not been spared and this could trigger a series of loses across the board. However, the platforms capabilities will have a positive impact to keep the ADA price stable. With the recent developments on the platform, Cardano appears to be eating into the Ethereum market since it offers similar but improved products.

Where is Cardano (ADA) Confidence Coming From?

Since the beginning of Q2, Cardano attractiveness has been on the rise and the announcement that ADA is set to be added on the Coinbase portfolio, things have turned brighter for the ADA holder. The ADA value increase and anticipated listing appear to have spurred the missing investor confidence back to life. The addition portrays ADA as a solid digital asset ripe for investment.

Coinbase has been the entry point for institutional investors and its listing means chances of a coin attracting investors of repute are high. Crypto users love associating themselves with coins that are supported by stable institutions and this is why Cardano fortunes are only getting started. Their services are designed to serve both institutions and individuals alike but their focus is working with communities at the ground level.

Cardano (ADA) mass adoption goal still remains valid and this has prompted its founder, Charles Hoskinson to say:

“I would love to see Cardano as the first trillion dollar cryptocurrency and the reason behind it is that we will have built a self-sustaining economy.”

Cardano (ADA) is Research Centered

The Cardano trillion dollar economy dream is still valid since the outfit is research propelled. Secondly, the project team has all the reasons to believe in their ability to realize the few years. Many crypto verse enlightened enthusiasts are beginning to realize the potential and are buying and holding ADA.

Cardano ADA Price Recap

ADA price is headed south at the time of writing but getting a major support at the $0.16 level and a resistance at $0.17. The decline against the USD and BTC however is a ripple effect across the crypto-sphere and should not rise eye brows. The coin stability and increased popularity of late will see it trade above the $1 mark by end of the year and this could mean a sustainable momentum to head to the $5 mark next year.

At press time, ADA price stood at $0.163035 after shedding 5.90% and 2.06% to the US dollar and Ethereum respectively. A total of $87.3 worth of ADA coins have changed hands in the last 14-trading session will Binance pushing 26.61% with the most popular pair being the ADA/USDT.


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