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Cardano (ADA) is without a doubt one of the more visible crypto projects in the market today. Though it is still a work in project, it has solidified its position as a top 10 coin. Though its value today is a pale shadow of its 2017 highs, its fundamentals paint a picture of a highly undervalued crypto. It has a working paper wallet, a working proof-of-stake algorithm among many other features. At this point, all Cardano needs is just a minor boost in publicity, and it will shoot up crypto rankings in no time.

One key trigger that would propel Cardano to the top in the near future is a Coinbase listing. Lately, Coinbase seems to have become the exchange to watch for listings, thanks to its strong influence in the U.S market. Recently, they announced that they were listing Ethereum Classic (ETC). Once that announcement was made, the value of Ethereum Classic shot up, and has been relatively stable since then.

In fact, Ethereum Classic has been one of the better performing altcoins, in a market that has become bitcoin (ETC) heavy, in the last few weeks. As such, if Coinbase were to list Cardano (ADA), chances are that it would skyrocket in value, and displace a number of coins in the Coin market cap rankings. But is there any possibility of Coinbase listing Cardano anytime soon?

The answer to that is yes. Both Cardano and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have one thing in common, and that’s IOHK. Charles Hoskinson, the guy behind IOHK and Cardano (ADA) is also heavily involved in Ethereum Classic. As such, there is no reason why Coinbase cannot add Cardano too, which is also linked to IOHK. That aside, Cardano meets the criteria for what has been listed on Coinbase so far, especially decentralization.

Cardano (ADA), like Ethereum (ETH), and Ethereum Classic is a highly decentralized crypto, made up of a diverse global community.  This decentralization increases the possibility of Coinbase pulling a surprise announcement at some point in the future, and adding Cardano (ADA). It could catch the market by surprise, just like it happened with the Ethereum Classic announcement, since no one was expecting it. If anything people were expecting XRP (XRP) to get listed.

A Cardano (ADA) listing on Coinbase would do more than just create a short-term pump in price, it would give Cardano massive publicity, and create more awareness on the things that it aims to achieve. This is a crypto that aims to influence every sphere of the global economy. As Charles Hoskinson puts it, they want to create the first trillion dollar cryptocurrency. With Coinbase more people would get to know about its potential, and more developers would move to create Dapps on the Cardano blockchain, bringing it closer to the $1 trillion projection.

As we speculate on a Cardano Coinbase listing, it is also noteworthy that most of what the project has achieved so far is impressive. They have finalized on Ouroboros, the first verified secure prove-of-stake algorithm, which is a huge reap in their development. Ouroboros makes Cardano one of the most scalable platform blockchains in the market.

In the future, Cardano could shoot up in value to levels that many cannot imagine at the moment. It has the fundamentals, and has managed to hold up well in the market, even while it’s still a work-in-progress.


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