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The Qtum (QTUM) project is poised for better things if the announcement that it will be offered through the Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The entry of a blockchain based outfit in to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) has created a lot of excitement and this could be a huge catalyst for the coin’s growth.  Currently the coin is ranked at 22 globally in terms of value.

This could not have come a better time for the developers on the AWS platform. It makes it easier for them to create and launch smart contract based up on the AMI which is supported by Qtum Core, Solidarity and Qmix web IDE.

Qtum is a cross breed between the Bitcoin ecosystem and the EVM; a combination that lowers computing power leading to less resource utilization. The goal of the platform is solve the problem of scalability. The collaboration will see many developers turn to blockchain due to its simplicity in usage and deployment. According to COI Miguel Palencia at Qtum Foundation:

“Qtum launch on in the AWS marketplace provides an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based solution for end users and the Enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop/built Dapps on the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this.”

Qtum Options on the Increase

The good thing about the Qtum (QTUM) and AWS platforms is that anyone can easily get onboard and enjoy the benefits of blockchain new technologies. It is now easier for you to run a server or imply run a custom node or use the pre-designed system to deploy apps on the mainnet or the testnet.

This is an easy entry point for large and small businesses to take advantage of blockchain. The move is cost effective and you do not have to set a budget aside to build your infrastructure, everything is done for you; all you need it tweak the system to work for you depending on your needs.

If you have been an AWS participant, you do not have to spend a dime as the Qtum AMI is free. All you need to create your server and run a test net prior to blockchain simulation. This will eliminate third parties and your app cannot be compromised due to the immutability the technology offers.

With increased real world use cases on the tum ecosystem, the Qtum co-founder Patrick Dai says:

“Qtum is one of the most decentralized entities on the internet and AWS is one of the largest cloud providers in the world. It is a perfect combination for users and the enterprise. We look forward to continue making Qtum’s smart contracts and Dapp technology available for what is arguably its most in-demand market, the enterprise.”

Qtum Market Boost from AWS and 2018 Hackathon
With over 27 Dapps currently live on Qtum; the involvement of AWS is big boost for QTUM visibility in the market. AWS global reach is immense and this will help the coin cut a niche in the market. PundiX and SpaceChain are two successful Dapps currently riding on the network which prides itself of having total of 6,757 nodes with China hosting 4,220.

In a bid to grow their presence in the market, the Qtum 2018 virtual Hackathon appears to be a rich ground that the platform will showcase and share developer creativity to the world. This is a global event where it is expected a new wave of Dapps and open source Applications will be ignited. The end goal is to make blockchain economies stand out in the ID, entertainment and content development sectors.

Qtum (QTUM) has set aside $500,000 worth of QTUM coins in rewards for the challenge winners. Wining apps will be incubated on the platform until growth is realized. However, participants will be required to make use of Qtum currency and this will affirm the coin usability in a bid to send it to the moon.


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