Verge XVG

Verge (XVG) has been in the privacy coin market for a while and appears to be gathering more attention compared to its competition. Monero has been the most popular coin but its credibility appears to make user shift their attention to Verge due to its state of the art technology including Tor, Wraith protocol and 12P for increased anonymity in transactions.

When looking for coins to invest in there are several factors to consider and it makes it difficult if you have no clue on what you are looking for in a digital asset.  Profit and use cases are some of the most common background checks investors look for. However the market condition is very important and many crypto lovers tend to overlook.

Verge (XVG) Leads in the Privacy Coin Front

There are several projects that promise to deliver on privacy but Verge has kept its promise of being a true anonymous digital coin that with privacy as the only core focal point. It is an open source network and its presence is spread globally driven by the community. There is no ghost company or foundation behind the Verge ecosystem.

The community has been able to drive the outfit through rebranding phases from DogedarkCoin to the current Verge brand that has a global and institutional appeal. With a global brand, Verge poised for mass uptake. The legitimacy of the platform is the envy of the competition and this is one reason that has made the coin hit the top 50 most valuable coins in the market today.

Three Verge (XVG) Components that are Driving Adoption

If you are looking for a total privacy coin, Verge has what it takes to give you the best results in all your transactions. The network uses 12P technology to ensure all your transaction connections are anonymous. This is a dynamic routing that any modern crypto user should go for if they need the privacy financial transactions deserve. Outgoing information utilizes a different channel to that of incoming data to make communication secure, anonymous and fast.

The 12P works well with Tor to make originating and terminating IP addresses anonymous.  Your data is wrapped through an “onion router” in several layers that are encrypted and the information you send is altered several times before terminating and tracking the path becomes impossible. This feature has become the selling point for the Verge brand.

Verge is a two on one system that allows users two switch between private and public chain. On public interface your transactions are visible by the public while on private mode, the ledger does not allow others to view. The combination of wraith and Tor yields stealth address and only the right recipient can access funds on Verge.

Verge (XVG) Price Movement

Despite the current price fluctuations in the market, XVG price has been able to hold from its $0.38 December high given it is trading at $0.0243 at press time. The last 24-hour trading session has seen the coin gain a marginal 3.11% and 3.14% to the dollar and Bitcoin respectively.

With the latest technology being deployed on the platform and the team behind the project, XVG is a good investment. The transparent and community driven environment is a good catalyst for the coin growth. The price of each coin is also right for ordinary investor and institutions to come onboard.

With practical real life use cases and the ability to decide to stay public or private is one feature anyone moving funds online should try. For those who like diversifying their crypto verse portfolios, this is one of the coins that have low risks and a promising future; it is a coin that you can bank on in the near future.


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