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In the history of cryptocurrencies, 2018 has been quite unpredictable.  For Stellar Lumens (XLM) it has been easy to wither the storm with improved market performance in the month of July. However, there are several reasons behind the coins’ stability and the resulting traction in its value.

Like TRON, Stellar has been in the news for good reasons and for Staller; the exposure has translated in to popularity and trust among institutions and individuals who are keen on investing for the future and not just price speculating. The coin has not disappointed and is fast putting its act together.

Stellar Media Limelight

The media boost might not have come at the right time for coin that is already disrupting the world wide money remittance systems but also giving other blockchain based platform a run for their money. At the rate the coin is getting attention, it is poised to get to the top four coins by market cap, value and adoption.

The media has been playing major role and the awareness is Stellar’s easy route to the market. Since its launch, the team behind the digital asset has been working behind the scenes and the results are now being felt in the market hence the current media attention. The coin has been making gains in a bearish market and this is a clear signal that its potential is still unexploited.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Focusing on High End Companies

Stellar infrastructure and capabilities have been attracting high end companies that are already riding on its ecosystem. Initially, no one thought that platform will be able to attract different App developers. However this has changed over time and it has become the better option to Ethereum simply because it has superior and more secure infrastructure.

The Stellar ecosystem popularity is based on its stability and transparency. These are two aspects that international companies are looking for to grow their brand names and embrace the blockchain technology. These, coupled with discerning services, have made Stellar shift the investors focus to its innovative solution provision.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Support for IBM

IBM is known globally for provision of bespoke solutions in technology and choosing to work with Stellar is a big boost not only for the network but the crypto industry. The collaboration is the first step to exploit the potential of the blockchain outfit. IBM will use Stellar as the gate way toward making fiat crypto swap easy and this will expose the coin to the various central banks that have partnered with IBM.

IBM is making inroads into the Asia and Pacific market and is taking Stellar with it. This is a surefire visibility for Stellar and IBM will be able to showcase its blockchain solutions based on the XLM network. This is a long term project and will increase XLM usability resulting in value growth.

Stellar (XLM) and Veridium

Veridium is set to tokenize the global carbon credit market and has chosen XLM as the coin of choice and Stellar network the outfit to build its applications. Veridium has a lot of support from IBM and is in the process of integrating its VERDE token with platforms that trade in oil and gas and help in automating the emission of carbon.

To achieve this, Veridium is set to introduce debit plastic cards that participants can use anywhere in the world. This will be loaded with pre=purchased carbon credits. This will be ideal for large organizations and institutions in a bid to push the global carbon neutrality to the next level.

Tempo and Stellar Lumens

Tempo is a Europe base money transfer outfit and is moving to build on the network. When the deal is complete, the money transfer firm will use the Stellar Lumens wallet in all its transactions. Already tests are ongoing in one of the largest remittance market, the Philippines.

This will be part of the Stellar Lumens real world use cases where consumers will have a chance to send and receive money at the comfort of their homes. This will cut down transactions costs; the time it takes to transact and also the time spend in banking halls.

The list of partnerships keeps growing   with SatoshiPay, Open Garden and TillBilly already being on the Stellar Lumens system. All these are adding value to the entire Stellar ecosystem and the results will woo more developers and companies to build or integrate their systems with the Stellar Lumens network.


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