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Digibyte (DGB) – A few days ago, Chinese ASIC maker Canaan announced the launch of a blockchain smart television that can be used to mine bitcoin. The 43’’ television also comes with other features including an interactive interface that allows it to seamlessly connect with other devices. It can also use the mined coins to pay for its own expenses including electricity costs. Essentially, it marks the entry of sophisticated IoT devices into the market. That’s because if it succeeds, chances are that other television manufacturers will also start making similar products.

So how does Digibyte (DGB) come into all this? Well, as blockchain smart televisions become an everyday reality, so will hackers looking to hack into such devices for whatever reasons.  This means that security will quickly become an issue, both for these devices and fort others will soon enter the market.  That’s perfectly in line with Digibyte’s vision of offering cybersecurity in the IoT space.  Digibyte stands the best chance to secure these devices, through its proven cybersecurity features.

Since it the most visible blockchain that has proven security credentials, chances are that if adopted, there will be a piece of Digibyte in almost every blockchain television sold. It could be similar to the way there is Intel in almost every PC on the planet.  Blockchain smart televisions also open the doors for other decentralized IoT devices that all offer an increased use case for Digibyte in the IoT space. This makes DGB one of the few cryptos whose use-case is shaping up clearly, in these early days of blockchain adoption.

On top of that, Digibyte is quite useful as a payment method. Very few cryptos can match Digibyte when it comes to payments. It is extremely fast, and its transaction costs are among the lowest in blockchain. Now that blockchain is going mainstream as can be seen with the entry of companies like Goldman Sachs, and more countries coming up with favorable laws, chances more people will start paying in crypto, and Digibyte is a top contender on this front too.

These are key strengths to Digibyte that will positively impact on its price in the long-run. Short-term, things may be rocky given that the market is heavily tied to bitcoin’ price.  As such, until Bitcoin turns bullish, altcoin prices will remain depressed, and DGB is no exception.  But the good thing is that altcoins rise faster than Bitcoin (BTC) in a bull market.  If today bitcoin were to go bullish, Digibyte (DGB) will emerge as a top performer, supported mainly by its solid and growing use potential, especially in securing IoT devices.

Therefore, in another run up, Digibyte could very easily rise to $0.50 or more. It performed well in the last Bull Run when very few people knew about it, or it’s potential. It will definitely perform better now that more people know about its capabilities and potential uses.  Besides, it is now available on more exchanges, thanks to the efforts of the Digibyte awareness team, and a fast growing community.


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