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Verge (XVG), one of the most popular altcoins as of press date has not been spared by the crypto market volatility. The altcoin which currently ranks position 40 in market cap is still on a downtrend despite BTC and other coins bouncing back at the moment. However, we simply cannot dismiss its fundamental value because of its current price action. The team has been keen on strategic partnerships/integration of its platform and altcoin.

One of the crypto players that recently showed interest in the Verge platform is Pundi X. This Point of Sale (POS) platform is planning to integrate the Verge blockchain. Pundi X stands out in the field of making payments with crypto coins at physical locations; the platform aims to empower token users and developers to use their altcoins anywhere. The integration with XVG platform is expected to take place in Q4 of 2018.

Pundi X CEO, Zac Cheah, is highly optimistic of this working relationship recognizing Verge (XVG) as a potential problem solver in the fin-tech era,

 “The rise of Verge has been a testament to the power of community-driven development in the modern world of cryptocurrencies. Their dedicated community of thousands has produced a speedy, secure and truly decentralized cryptocurrency. All of these features make XVG highly suited for use in transactions and the broader retail environment and mean it’s a natural inclusion for our next batch of XPOS for international shipment”.

Pundi X Fundamentals

This crypto project was started a year ago with the goal of making exchange of crypto coins easier. In addition, the value of digital currencies as a medium of exchange is meant to be realized within Pundi X’s roadmap.

Employing most of its resources in Research and Development, Pundi X is currently an employer to over 100 members of staff. The Indonesian based tech start-up has its headquarters in Jakarta Raya.

Pundi X has worked with other popular cryptocurrencies like Zcash and NEM besides its latest partner, Verge. The team had signaled intention to scale its operations by increasing the number of XPOS in Europe, Asia, and South America from the beginning of August 2018.

Verge CSR in Japan

Verge’s financial presence was felt when Japan recently experienced floods that affected a significant part of its people. This crypto project joined Binance in a course to raise funds for the floods victims.  The two crypto communities were successful enough to fundraise up to 1.5 million US dollars!

Verge (XVG) Market Analysis

Verge is currently a strong sell according to both the exponential and simple moving averages. The altcoins whose exchange price against the dollar stands at $0.0155 has lost close to 26% in the past week. However, the Relative Strength Indicator shows a good buy right now with a reading of 22.69. The four year old crypto coin is yet to lower its volatility levels having recorded 30% in the past month although this is within the range of its peers. Verge remains a potential crypto coin as its highest achieved price is only 93% higher than today’s price, tables can turn within a fortnight in crypto!


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