IOTA (MIOTA) is without a doubt one of the most fundamentally strong projects in the market. The partnerships they have bagged so far are a testament to this fact. Companies like Volkswagen and Audi wouldn’t involve themselves with the project if it wasn’t solid enough.

What’s even more inspiring about this project is that the team is 101% dedicated to making things work, in spite of their earlier leaked disagreements.  In a recent transcript of their communication, it is clear that they are willing to go all the way, in ensuring that this project succeeds.  Take a look at a small snapshot of this communication below.

I seriously want to emphasize one point here. If I or David or one of the other founders end up losing all of our money and we have to go back to frozen pizza diet, we really won’t care. We have been funding the Foundation and have gotten no salary or tokens so far, simply because all of the Founders are connected by this fundamental cause. Even though there might be disagreements at times, all of us realize that it is in our best interest to work together.

This alone is a vote of confidence in the IOTA project because it shows how far they are willing to go, in order to see IOTA hit its true potential.  The fact that they resolved their issues in under 24 hours is also a testament that they have a common vision. They just happen to have disagreements like every other human beings who happen to work together. Their unity-of-purpose is definitely a huge stabilizer to the price of IOTA (MIOTA), now and in the long-run.

But the impact of their unity goes beyond day-to-day price movements, it is also critical for the future growth of the project. Crypto adoption is still in its infancy, and there is lots of work to be done. Even the corporations that are adopting these technologies, are mostly in the testing phase of things, as they try to figure out how cryptos can help make their operations more efficient.

As such, there is need for crypto project leaders to be active in pushing things through the bureaucracies of such corporations, and gain adoption. Without a united team, this would be impossible to achieve. That’s why IOTA team unity is a sigh of relieve, especially now when global corporations like VW are testing out the IOTA tech.

The IOTA team unity is also critical for tech development. Like every other project out there, IOTA is still a work-in-progress, and requires lots of coordinated efforts to streamline the tech. This is best achieved when the founding team is all-in on the project. That’s because, when the founders show unity and drive, it will trickle down to the developers and other people working on the IOTA project. As a result, key milestones will get completed faster, and give IOTA much-needed dominance in a market that is increasingly competitive. There are many projects angling for the IoT market, and it’s only through team-unity that IOTA can sustain the edge it has at the moment, and thrive in the long-run.


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