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Waves (WAVES) platform recently released the much awaited ‘Waves Client’; the launch comes after 53 beta releases! This feature has undergone thorough testing by the developers at Waves and the team is confident of launching a security oriented network for its users.

The Waves project has made several milestones in 2018 besides being a top 40 altcoin in market cap as of press date. However, this article highlights the prospectus ‘Waves Client’ statistics;

Why Waves Client DEx is a Game Changer

Cryptocurrency market penetration has increased significantly in the past two years although their true value is yet to be established. This is not to say that everyone has embraced the crypto coins, some people find blockchain and the concept of smart contracts challenging to understand. Waves is about to change this perception, the crypto exchange platform is one of the easiest to use at the moment. One can easily make all the operations that involve trading of currencies within the Waves network with minimal or no technical background!

Waves (WAVES) Client has some cool features that tech savvy individuals can use in the blockchain era. The platform’s ‘Token Launcher’ allow participants to issue their own altcoins within a minute. In addition, the hodler can proceed to exchange these digital coins via the Waves DEX using their Waves wallet to obtain withdrawal leverage and access to a couple gateways. Oversight within the Waves platform in the new release allows asset managers to oversee token performance and legitimacy. Traders using Waves Client can access services 24/7 due to the platform’s night mode feature.

About Waves DEX

Waves Decentralized Exchange matches the qualities one would look for in a crypto exchange today; fast, guaranteed security and easy to use. The new release by Waves has introduced an era in crypto where the probability of losing your money via hacking is way slimmer. Orders are executed via the Matcher whereby the communication channel remains encrypted to other users until time of executing. Therefore, traders who rip off through arbitrage arising from information manipulation are eventually edged out of the market. Storage of funds in one’s wallet as opposed to the exchange is another security oriented feature of this decentralized exchange.

So what is better about this new DEX? Waves decentralized exchange has improved the user interface by customizing data while building the infrastructure. The platform is more stable thanks to updated API’s hence a reported increase in liquidity. As it stands, the network can sometimes facilitate the transaction of $7,000,000 worth of crypto coins within a day. This is quite impressive in comparison to peer crypto markets whose features might be more sophisticated!

The Waves Client Beta has been undergoing developments since its initial release in Q4 of 2017 that was held in the HQ in Amsterdam. The team is focused on improving its user interface, speed of transactions and ease of use as crypto makes in-roads in various global markets. At the moment, the next milestone target by the Waves team is releasing its own smart contracts for use on its mainnet.


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