Zilliqa (ZIL): Just days after the former Head of Marketing APC (Google Play) at Google, Yiling Ding joined Zilliqa as the head marketing function; it has emerged that ZIL has been listed on Tokenize Xchange and . This is a major boost given that the new found CMO has been very instrumental in acquiring several partners at Google, a push Zilliqa badly needs.

Based on her experience in increasing Google usage across the globe, it will be a huge step for Zilliqa, a system that is seeing to overthrow Ethereum from being the leading DApp network of choice. In their announcement through their official twitter handle @TokenizeXchange a few hours ago, Tokenize says:Tokenize

Tokenize Xchange Boost for Zilliqa

Tokenize has been on an expansion mission and its trading pair portfolio keeps on growing. This is a plus for Zilliqa, a coin that has attracted a lot of attention from investors and App developers in the recent past. Additional global visibility will start to translate into value growth, more adoption and usability of the native ZIL coin.

Zilliqa (ZIL) has been concentrating on infrastructure development since hitting the crypto verse in January, 2018. However, with the anticipated showcasing of what it has been working on to the public, Zilliqa is all out to expand through aggressive marketing campaigns and Tokenize Xchange is a route to the market. As Yiling comes onboard from Google, this is going to be a game changer.

Why Investors are Watching Zilliqa

When Etheremon announced it is shifting base from the Ethereum network in July to Zilliqa, a lot of attention has been growing around the outfit. The superior technology is set to be the preferred destination because of its speeds and stress free transactions compared to the competition.

The shard technology, which Ethereum is also testing, is a feature that has reduced the platforms transaction weight and improved its addition; Zilliqa is using pBFT (practical byzantine fault tolerance) to secure its network.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Eyeing the Ethereum Market

It is clear Zilliqa is on a mission for future scaling and the throughput enhancement through sharding is a clear indication is it planning to have an edge over Ethereum which has had issues with its speeds thus slowing down transactions. Zilliqa is also working on improving its security through the Scilla technology, a new programing language and a first of its kind in the market.

Scilla will make Zilliqa a fully decentralized ecosystem that will usher in superior smart contract apps that will work well with the high speed network. This has been confirmed by the CEO at Zilliqa, Xinshu Don while welcoming the new team member Yiling Ding from Google:

“At Zilliqa we are always working on hiring the best and brightest and Yiling is a perfect fit for the team. We’re very excited to begin working with her and applying her incredible marketing talent towards helping Zilliqa reach its potential as one of the leading blockchain technology platforms in the world.”

Yiling joinsZilliqa (ZIL) as the platform prepares to for its public release which will see its tools suite, Apps and wallets designed for companies, developers and individuals. On her part she was quoted as saying:

“The team has a high level of integrity and focus on quality that is reflected on the technical achievements they have accomplished in such a short amount of time. I look forward to working closely with them and helping make their cutting edge technology and vision a reality.”


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