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The crypto verse is continually turning in to a digital coin jungle and only the fittest are bound to survive. Verge (XVG) has had its share of highs and lows but it is putting its house in order to assert its position among the top 50 valuable coins. A Los Angeles based musical group; Dead Day Revolution has put its weight behind the coin by allowing its users to purchase music using XVG.

Verge and TokenPay are two coins that the band group has chosen is their perfect fit to reach out to their global fans and general music lovers. Both coins are going all out for mass adoption and the music industry is a fertile ground to achieve substantial fan base.  The two digital assets have had a tight relationship and this could be the beginning of increased usability and eventual value growth.

Dead Day Revolution Band Verge Boost

Dead Day Revolution is a not a new entrant into the music and entertainment industry. They already have recorded 13 tracks and are a good choice for Verge and TokenPay to amplify their market presence. Their music has been gaining a lot of popularity and appears to share the same audience preference with the two platforms.

The band is a rock’n’roll outfit and a genre that has a lot of following not only in the US but globally. Using cryptocurrency to make payments in music stores will grow its acceptance by both the old and young music lovers and this will the catalyst that has been missing in the crypto verse.

While announcing the good nws, Dead Day Revolution band tweet said:

“We are so excited to announce that you can buy our music with TokenPay! Pay with crypto and support mass adoption! @tokenpay @derekcapo $TPAY $XVG.”

The group invited their fans and supporters to purchase its authentic merchandise directly from the band’s official store using Verge (XVG) among other available options:

 “We are proudly accepting payments in TokenPay and Verge Currency! Please click on the button for more information”, the noted stated.

However, the full implementation of the deal might have to wait a bit longer as the market awaits SEC positive nod to Bitcoin EFT that will see small traders, firms and institutions fully adopt digital coins. Once this is achieved, the entire market and that of Verge and TokenPay will blossom.

Verge and TokenPay Support

TokenPay and Verge support came into the limelight when the former announced plans to introduce XVG debit card into the crypto verse in April. However, the hype appears to have dwindled and the XVG price has been dropping. For the last two weeks, XVG has been fighting for a market rebound and the current hype appears to be pulling it out of the dip.

Verge has not been lying down and has been gaining visibility through TokenPay. The payment processor firm played a pivotal role in making the PornHub Verge deal a reality. This support has seen XVG real life usability come to light and a TokenPay backed debit card would come in handy for global adoptions and traction.

Verge (XVG) Price Surge

The last 24-hours have seen the XVG coin volume increase with a total $8.9million worth of XVG changing hands. This has pushed the price up to trade at $0.014394 thus recording gains of 22.89% against the dollar and 21.36% to Bitcoin. This comes at a time when most Altcoins are registering single digit gains as a result of Bitcoin and Ethereum under per performance since early August.

The significant growth is in tandem with Verge adoption drive and its quest to add more real world use cases on Verge (XVG) . The community is looking forward to a vibrant coin that will not only line their wallets but also add value and stability to the XVG coin price.


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