It is no question that Stellar (XLM) has stood the test of time and ripe to disrupt and dominate the payment sector. This is a multimillion dollar industry that has the potential to send the coin to the moon. However, Stellar is not alone in the quest to dominate the industry; the likes of Ripple (XRP) are also eyeing a piece of the markets pie.

Stellar (XLM) has grown over the last few years to become the sixth most valuable coin in the market today. The continuing popularity has seen it move past Litecoin with a market capitalization standing at $4.18billion. The coin seep determined to cannibalize XRP market share to become the preferred alternative “banking” crypto.

Forces behind Stellar (XLM) current Success

To date, Stellar has the support of strong strategic partners. This is as a result of competing blockchains’ failure to deliver on their capacity promises. The platform cutting edge architecture is has become the best Ethereum alternative. In addition, the system is light and pocket friendly and is more decentralized compared to XRP.

Stellar has the support of respected banks since the ecosystem has the capacity to transact any digital asset using the stable Stellar asset based Lumens. Stellar Lumens are highly functional and unlike other coins, the assets on the ecosystem are non-speculative in nature. Lumens are the future as long as financial transactions are on demand.

Below are some partners of repute that Stellar is banking on for its growth in years to come.

Stellar and Stripe

The relationship between Stellar and Stripe dates more than 4 years back. They are the pioneer partners on the blockchain. At press time, Stripe is said to be getting over 2billion Lumens which is plough back the profits to the Stellar ecosystem. This has opened up Stellar for increased partnerships since it left Bitcoin due to escalating transactions charges.

The Stripe choice for Stellar is based on three pillars; the platform is an open financial outfit making it the ideal money IP layer. Secondly, the protocol us unbundled unlike PayPal that does not allow for open competition despite the consumer yearning for better services. Lastly, the network is has a worldwide appeal and anyone has access their finances through Stellar.

Stellar Meets IBM

One of the most exciting partnerships for the Stellar community has been IBM. This is the best gateway for the Stellar products. IBM is one of the most popular solution providers for central banks and other financial institutions globally and a partnership with the cryptocurrency is a surefire catalyst to its increased visibility and adoption.

IMB now acts as the link to the Stellar products and companies that want to build their apps on the network. in addition, the tech giant is building Dapp products riding on the network. They are also creating their first fungible public blockchain token on Stellar which has made drawn attention to other investors and general adopters.

Stellar and SHIFT Market

One of the best benefits Stellar is set to derive from the SHIFT Market relationship is the exposure it is getting from the more that 60 crypto exchanges under the partner’s portfolio. The outfit is also a good link between crypto coins and fiat money. This is one of the best routes to the market f for any coin of the future.

SHIFT Markets will send XLM to new regional markets where the coin cannot penetrate on its own. This relationship is ideal introduction to XLM to users that are not experienced in the crypto verse. Initially, to purchase XLM, one has to first but BTC or ETH before exchanging them for XLM.

All the partners of repute are set to drive the stellar outfit and native coin to the next valuable stage. The coin is trading in the red and this is a reflection of the state of the crypto verse. In the next few months, the coin should start reflecting on the impact of the collaborations with increased value and price traction.


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