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Nano coin (NANO) is among the few coins that have registered a double digit growth in the last 24-hour session. This has been attributed to the addition of a new member on the Foundation’s bench and the annulment that the Network Stress test has been successful. This is a double celebration for the family and this has seen a price spark in a market struggling to recover.

At the time writing, the NANO price stood at $1.93 after an otherwise elusive gain of 11.18% to the dollar and 7.46% to Bitcoin. The price has been appreciating since NANO joined the Bitcoin Superstore marketplace list of coins. With a new crypto verse aware and financial expert in the advisory board, Nano potential is about to be unleashed.

New Nano Foundation Advisory Member

After becoming the 8th digital asset on Bitcoin Superstore a week ago, the Nano Foundation has announced that they have acquired the services of Andy Woolmer in the role of an advisor. Prior to joining the Foundation, Woolmer was the serving New Change FX CEO, a London based FX and data measurement services provider.

Woolmer 25 year experience in in the financial sector will be instrumental in driving Nano agenda in the increasingly competitive crypto verse.  Previously, he was the CitiBank Vice President in charge of Foreign Exchange and Prudential Director of Currency Products. During the press briefing, the foundation has said:

“Mr. Woolmer joins the Nano Foundation as it looks to expand efforts into utilizing Nano in cross-border payments and integrating into foreign exchanges trading markets.”NANO

On his part, Mr. Woolmer has said:

“My interest in cryptocurrencies comes from the recognition that the settlement process in foreign exchange trading is inefficient and will eventually be replaced. Nano’s block-lattice structure leads to faster transaction settlements reduced transaction costs and has the potential to make global markets operate more efficiently. I look forward to working with the Nano Foundation to reach this goal.”

Recent Nano Events

The listing of NANO as a payment method on the Bitcoin Superstore appears to be giving the coin the momentum it has been missing. As a spendable coin, Nano has proved to its critics that it is not just another trash coin but a value backed asset that continues to attract global attention as added user cases.

It was double celebration or the Nano family after the project team announced it is in the final stage of the system stress testing. The team is currently working on some bugs in the latest version before it an be released to the community:

Version 15/15.1 of the Nano Node is currently being finalized for release. After version 15.0 was added to the dockerfile last night, we discovered additional debugging was required. Users who already downloaded version 15.0 have nanocurrency/nano: V15.0 locally, which would need to be manually cleared. To avoid confusion, we have changed the version number of the release to 15.1.

Due to the asynchronous nature of Nano, the Vote by Hash feature, which drastically reduces network bandwidth usage, will be activated on September 1st, 2018 at 00:00 UTC.

Thank you for your patience and to everyone who has helped with testing. We look forward to releasing v15.1 shortly.

With these new developments and the media coverage, a lot is expected on the NANO price front. However, with investors optimistic, the reduced trading might hurt the current gains before the market stabilizes. A major boost for Nano is expected from the Navy Pier Chicago Voice of Blockchain conference where top brass blockchain minds will meet to focus on the industries scalability with Nano Foundation set to send a representative.



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