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A while back, the Zilliqa (ZIL) team announced that they were pushing forward the Mainnet launch from September to late December or early 2019. Their reason was that they needed more time to get everything right before going forward with the launch. True to their words, the Zilliqa team is making moves that are guaranteed to make Zilliqa the most successful platform blockchain once it goes live.

One of the things that the Zilliqa team has done is to beef up the team. They have brought in some of the best brains in technology and business, to help in the development of Zilliqa. The people they have brought in include ex-Google developers, and experienced business development managers of global repute.  Take Sophia Fang for example. Sophia is joining Zilliqa as vice president for business development with a focus on the Chinese market. Sophia has in the past been involved with technology rollouts for multinational corporations.

This means that she has a good understanding of how to derive consumer value from new technologies.  With such strengths, chances are that most of the #BuildonZIl applications, will be “killer apps” that will put Zilliqa on the map, as the best Dapps platform once it launches it Mainnet.

The Zilliqa (ZIL) team is also ramping up on marketing ahead of the Mainnet launch. The team understands the importance of getting the project out there for people to know about its potential. All through the month of September, Zilliqa will be involved in a series of events that will create more awareness about the power of the Zilliqa blockchain. For instance, Zilliqa will take part in the Dezentral event that will take place on the 6th of September in Berlin Germany.

Dezentral will bring together more than 800 people, including developers and crypto investors, to brainstorm on different issues with regards to blockchain technology, including the latest developments in the industry. Through this event, where the Zilliqa CEO XinShu Dong will be speaking, more people will know about Zilliqa and what’s it’s all about as it approaches the Mainnet launch date. This together with several other key events will play a huge role in driving up momentum towards the Zilliqa Mainnet launch.

The team is also working on some key tech updates ahead of the Mainnet. One of the most interesting updates is designing Sharding friendly smart contracts. Once it is finalized, this will enable complex smart contracts to run without any issues on the network.  It’s one of the biggest aspects to the Zilliqa project, one that will see the Zilliqa blockchain gain wide adoption in business, especially for businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology for complex operations.

With all these developments, there is no doubt that the Zilliqa Mainnet launch will be a huge success for investors, since it will mark the beginning of a superior platforms blockchain that is unrivalled in the market. Besides, since the Mainnet launch could happen in early 2019, chances are that it could coincide with a bullish tide in the crypto markets, and this will accelerate Zilliqa (ZIL) to rise in value.


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