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With many States tightening ropes around a free global trade, cryptocurrencies are becoming the preferred way to tackle the bottlenecks. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) appears to be in the forefront to capitalize on the new opportunity. Crypto friendly countries seem to be leaning to the crypto economy as a new way to transact businesses.

BCD Bazaar now becomes the first market place in the world that only accepts cryptos as a payment channel for all their products and services. Other crypto-e-commerce partnerships only offer select items and services to be purchased using crypto, this is a huge mile stone for the Diamond coin as it makes the coin a must have for the online shopper. The BCD Bazaar opened its doors on August 20 and the coin community is overly excited about the great news.

It is clear that digital assets’ future is becoming bright by the day. The strategic partnership between Bitcoin Diamond and elite Shopping Cart to launch BCD Bazaar is a clear indication of the potential in the blockchain industry. BCD repositioning itself as a spend-able coin in real life, many companies are keen on adopting the technology and this is set to push the BCD price to the moon.

Elite Choice for Bitcoin Diamond

With employers paying their workers using cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin Diamond ecosystem offers a secure environment for free global trade. The coin is readily accessible and you do not have to wait for minutes before your transactions are confirmed. The transaction costs are at the lowest compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum making the natural choice for Elite Shopping Cart.

The price of BCD is currently at the lowest which the Elite audience can readily afford. A lowly priced digital coin offers a better value propositions for those using digital coins for their daily transactions and payment for goods and services. Both Elite and Bitcoin Diamond users have every reason to smile about the partnership and this has reflected on the BCD price in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Moons

With the Bitcoin Diamond and Shopping Cart Elite partnership a done deal, the results have started reflecting on the BCD price with a spike of 30.44% against the dollar in less than 24-hours. At press time, BCD is trading at $1.45 and should the price hold; the coin will be among the best performing coins in the month of August which has recorded a huge market volume.

By embracing the sophistication of Elite to offer a complete e-commerce solution to the crypto verse, automating their systems to include BCD as a way of making payments will increase the coin usability, visibility and dependability across the globe. Given that Bitcoin Diamond is fully decentralized, users can now access products through BCD Bazaar irrespective of their location the sophistication of SCE notwithstanding.

While praising the partnership, Igor Soshkin, the SCE CEO and founder has said:

”Consumers who purchase products on the BCD Bazaar will have access to a range of brands including Amazon, Apple and Samsung to name a few. These products can be bought with cryptocurrency and delivered anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrency allows families and businesses to trade their digital assets (cryptocurrency) with physical assets.”

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Adoption Boost

Bitcoin Diamond has been sluggish in attracting credible adoption since its fork from Bitcoin. However, its current development progress and marketing is set to endear to crypto users in the developing world through the BCD Bazaar. With fast deliveries and low transaction costs, BCD is poised to break even.

With most of the audience in these countries unable to access affordable financial services, BCD Bazaar will give them an avenue to access these services not only to pay for goods and services but help them make payments for healthcare and insurance among other services.


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