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The blockchain has come of age and big video steaming companies like Netflix and Amazon are about to be shaken thanks to Theta Token (THETA). This might not sound realistic given that the coin is ranked lowly by market capitalization but it just hit the top 100 a clear signal to an eminent video streaming industry disruption.

The months of July and August have been good for Theta despite major currencies and tokens trading at their lowest this year. 2018 has seen many crypto payers concentrate on an infrastructure development journey and the Theta one appears to be bearing fruits. So what makes Theta a bit Netflix and Amazon threat?

Theta Token and Video Streaming Industry

Theta is not the kind of tokens who gather hype and traction through exposing themselves to social media. The underlying infrastructure is what sells the coin at the moment. Theta enters a video streaming industry that is characterized by membership fees and categorization of content presented to the public.

The beauty of Theta is that is aims at adoption from the ordinary users and those who have been exploited by market leaders in the sector. With low transaction fees, transparency and high speeds, Theta is set to benefit from mass adoption, a reason Netflix and Amazon need to up their game towards fan retention.

Since launching its mainnet a few months ago, a lot of attention has been focused on its benefit to the ordinary video streaming fan vis-à-vis the existing streaming charges. With the THETA coin headed to its envisioned stability supported by marginal recent growth of over 13%, indications are clear that adoption is on the rise.

Theta Entry into Mass Landen Market

In the recent past, the team behind the Theta project has hinted launching of whose tests are underway. This could turn out to be the first channel in the blockchain history where the service provider meets the end users.

The new channel promises Theta fans and community that they will be able to benefit from their unused bandwidth through their computers. As a user, you have full access of high speeds and download, better quality and near zero fees that will enable the network sustain and rework on its systems.

The team announced further that the new Theta test channel will allow all users to share any and all unutilized bandwidth directly from their personal computer to network users interested in enjoying full speed video streaming with improved quality and fast downloads.

Why the THETA Price is Headed North

The introduction of a new video streaming alternative appears to have a direct impact on the THETA price. The recent traction is as a result of more user onboarding to have stable access to video streaming services which they could not afford previously. Prior to the announcement, the networks was playing host to more than 300,000 users.

Many blockchain users are aware of the benefit of the technology and are poised to create a better video streaming environment. What more; Theta makes the service available globally without any censorship and central government interferences.  This could be the fastest shift from a centralized to a decentralized video streaming ever.

Theta (THETA) Near Future

Plans are underway to come up with a reward system where users and creators benefit by getting rewarded with THETA coins for their contribution in the network. This will increase the coin liquidity, usability and spend-ability in a bid to grow its value. This will increase usage and turn THETA coin into an everyday for of making payments.

THETA price gains have been quite impressive and at press time, the token was trading at $0.104132 after gaining 33.56% in the last 24-hour trading session. This has seen it also gain against the major currencies by 31.31% to Bitcoin and 31.04% to Ether.

Given the fact that users will gain by streaming and sharing their unused bandwidth, Theta value proposition is double edge and this should keep Netflix and Amazon on their toes. The coin is also lowly priced and any crypto enthusiast can gain entry point into the crypto verse.


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