IOTA (MIOTA) has made in-roads in different industries through its strategic partnerships. While most of these partnerships are still in the test phase, there is one company that has gone all-in on IOTA, and that’s Fujitsu. The company has been using IOTA as a tool for auditing manufacturing processes, and from their tweet today, it is clear that they are finding IOTA (MIOTA) a valuable business tool.

Fujitsu has tweeted something to the effect that, IOTA is an immutable source of truth, when it comes to auditing the production process.  Fujitsu also touches more on the benefits of IOTA in a publication titled, Fujitsu – Proof of concept: Industry 4.0 – Audit trail. Some of the benefits they touch on include transparency, data trustworthiness and security.  However, the best part is that Fujitsu is willing to go all out in pushing IOTA to other industry players as well, as per the snapshot below.IOTA

This is great news for IOTA (MIOTA) investors because it means that Fujitsu is looking to leverage its clout in the manufacturing industry to help push for the adoption of IOTA.

With a higher rate of adoption by industry, IOTA would benefit immensely not just in terms of the price of IOTA (MIOTA), but also in the quality of the network itself. That’s because for the IOTA tangle to function effectively, it needs mass adoption.  It’s only with mass adoption that the tangle can function well without the need for a central coordinator, while fending off from the negative effects of spam attacks. That’s because unlike proof-of-work coins whose coin stability depends on miners, IOTA’s network security is based on users.  The more the users, the more stable the IOTA tangle becomes.

As such, if Fujitsu succeeds in pushing for IOTA (MIOTA) it will accelerate the future growth of the network since more companies would have confidence in adopting it, when it’s secure and fully decentralized, hence adding to its value. The move by Fujitsu could also spur other companies to adopt it, based on the reputation that Fujitsu has in the market.

There are lots of small to medium scale manufacturing companies that can benefit immensely from IOTA but are not using it, because it’s still a relatively new technology. However, now that large corporations like Fujitsu are using it, small companies will have the confidence to try it out too, further adding to the adoption of the network.

For investors, all this points to a good future for their investment in IOTA (MIOTA).  At the moment, IOTA (MIOTA) is trading at under $1, a massive discount, when compared to its use-case in the new economy, one that is driven by automation and robotics. As this use-case becomes clearer at scale, IOTA (MIOTA) will be worth much more than it is worth today. It’s one of the few cryptos that have gained a sizeable level of adoption so far.


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