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Verge (XVG) has been hit hard by the current market slowdown but appears to be getting back on its feet. The community has stood by the platform through bad and good times and the team behind the project has always been open among other privacy coins; a gesture that has seen a lot of interest form reputable organizations and individual adopters.

Verge Keeping its Community Up to Date

Building a good consumer relationship very critical for any brand to thrive in the market and verge seem to know this. Verge has been relying on their consumer base to understand their needs to provide the right solution in return. The platform model of gathering information from the user, weighing its pros and cons and prioritizing before implementation has made the platform cut a niche in the market.

The relationship between the Verge (XVG) developers has become a point of focus lately. Any development project on the ecosystem has to be endorsed by the community. The recent titter poll is a good example of how a decentralized platform should work. The team is using the user feedback to take the platform a notch higher.

Verge Unique Marketing Strategy

It comes as no surprise that the XVG price appreciation is a joint effort between the developer team and the user. Blockchain is an evolving technology and the consumer demand keeps changing. By involving the audience to help makes decisions a surefire way to create a transparent environment and this will take the Verge coin to the masses.

The consistent updates though various channel is the mainstay of the Verge ecosystem and the XVG. This is the only way the prospective user can get to know the outfits’ products, partners and use cases. Most of the XVG users and non-users already know they can download the iOS and desktop wallet versions.

Verge is taking its Security to a New Level

Securing the Verge ecosystem is top priority and making it public that they are exploring ways to secure the private key storage feature and a good way of telling the world they the platform is secure enough for investors. This makes XVG a coin to keep in your privacy coin wish list.

With the latest iOS and desktop wallet versions in place, the technical team has hinted that they are working on a way that users can be able to retrieve forgotten private keys using the BIP39 system. If successful, this will be the first of its kind in the crypto verse.

Verge is ready for Mass Adoption

When you scrutinize some of Verge (XVG) partnerships, you will realize they are about mass adoption. So why not go for a small and tightly knit community? Well, the answer is pretty simple, the more users’ onboarding, and the more liquidity XVG gains.

Mass adoption is a good tool to gain additional global visibility and the more market penetration the coin achieves the more value the coin gathers. With added real life use cases on the rise, XVG only need a global appeal and reach and the rest will be history; the platform has the potential to be among the top ten valuable coins in the world only if it can break even in mass adoption.

Verge (XVG) Price is Pocket Friendly

If you are not looking for a get rick kind of a coin, XVG is a safe bet for you. The coin price at the time of writing wad $0.015515 and the last 24-hour trading session has managed to gain 8.67% against the dollar. With the market corrections ongoing, it is about time to consider the future value proposition of XVG.

The coin has a huge potential that is waiting to be exploited and the coin is set to hit an all first time high of $1. Verge (XVG) offers a soft entry point for anyone willing to invest in the crypto verse. However, with a coin that has invested heavily on infrastructure development, patience is a virtue for long term investors.


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