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Nano Coin (NANO) is one of those projects that have been making steady growth in a bearish market. It is the only coin that has been moving up the rankings when other altcoins were struggling to get back to the gaining ways. Early this year, the NANO coin was ranked 40 and now stands at 26 by market cap.

With major coins faltering, the SEC head over the heels on non-compliant crypto outfits and the Wall Street giants getting into the crypto verse, Nano (NANO) has easily withered the storm and continues to gain in value and adoption. The begging question is; what makes the coin survive the crypto murky waters?

Nano is a Decentralized Coin

With more then 1900 cryptocurrencies in the market today, each has a purpose in revolutionizing the global economy but cannot achieve their vision because they claim they are decentralized and yet they are not. Nano is a “relatively fairly distributed” and its total supply is 133,248,290 NANO with 4.8% owned by the developers.

The vibrancy of the Nano ecosystem is based on its architecture. It offers fast transaction times compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The beauty of the sleeping giant is that its scalability is unlimited and this has the global appeal cut out. Many coins have failed because they have not passed the scalability test that Nano has.

Nano is Free for all to Use

For a coin that is battling it out to become the next global currency, it must appeal to all and sundry. Nano does not attract any transaction fees the amount transacted notwithstanding. This covers every user in the system irrespective of their location across the world.

This is an easy hit on the current banking systems where distances and amounts are put into considerations when transacting. The only cost you incur is the energy your CPU consumes during transactions. High energy consumption means an extra cost and Nano has you covered. So; why would someone still cling on the old ways to transacting when they can use Nano?

Nano Transactions Speeds are out of this World

Lately, we have seen a lot ICO and related project migrations from second generation platform to newer ones. This has resulted from low transaction speeds that mean high transaction costs. If you have ever used an ATM card or PayPal services, then Nano is faster than these. The beauty of it all is that you or the processor is not charged any fee.

Nano Coin popularity has been boosted by merchants worldwide realizing that they are not charged any transaction fee. On top of it, merchants who opt to become VPS Nano Reps, you stand an extra income. Saving on transaction fees is one way the platform rewards it users.

The NANO Price is Just Right, Anywhere

Nano Coin offers you many options to access your funds; you can go for the online wallet depending on how secure your connection is and avoid downloading the ledger. The other option is to download the Nano app and you have four options to choose from. Lastly you can manage your Nano funds locally by running the desktop version.

With these options, the Nano wallet will fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Whether you are the office type, stay at home or just out and about, you are in control of your funds at all times. The wallets are secure and you do not have to worry about system security lapses; only you have the power to consent access to your NANO coin.

Currently, the Nano coin is trading at a $2.97 after dropping 8.62% over the last 24 hours prior to reporting. This is good news if you want to stake up on the NANO coin for the long haul. With the current gains the coin has been making, the price will not remain this low for long.


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