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ZCash (ZEC): The privacy coins market is one of the most interesting ones in crypto space. That’s because while it’s a market that has lots of potential in terms of utility, it also has some unique risks. Governments could very easily crackdown on them, thereby watering down their valuations.  This happened some time back when several privacy coins were delisted from major exchanges. While such moves wouldn’t kill privacy coins per se, they would definitely hit their valuations.  This risk is the key reason why ZCash (ZEC) could be the safest bet in the privacy coins market.

That’s because ZCash is getting listed on major exchanges, an indicator that it could be in on the good side of regulations.  Recently Coinbase, a regulated exchange, announced that they would be listing ZCash. Today, Bittrex, another regulated exchange has announced that they would start offering USD/ZCash pairing. This will not only boost ZCash liquidity, but also cement its position, as a crypto that has a future in the privacy coins market.

Of course, that’s not forgetting that major corporations are also adopting ZCash (ZEC) in facilitating private and secure transmission of financial data.  For instance, JP Morgan’s Quorum uses ZCash for privacy. JP Morgan is a major global bank, and the fact that they are using ZEC is to a large extent a validation of the mainstream nature of this crypto.

All these exchange listings, fiat pairings and adoption cases points to the fact that ZCash has the latitude to grow. It is definitely not confined to the demand driven by cyberpunks alone, like most of the other privacy coins. It has a level of acceptance that could see it handle the privacy needs of entire industries, especially the banking industry.

The best part is that ZCash achieves all this without compromising on security. ZEC uses the ZeroCash protocol, which anonymizes the sender, the recipient and the amount being sent. This gives it a strong intrinsic value, one that allows it to be used both by cyberpunks, as well as by corporations looking for transaction privacy.

In essence, ZCash (ZEC) is probably one of the highest potential privacy coins in the market today. But looking at ZCash in the day, it is not performing so well. That’s mainly because the market as a whole is sluggish at the moment. Bitcoin has dropped below $7000 and is pulling down the whole market.  Once market conditions improve, ZCash will without a doubt be one of the biggest gainers. It has strong fundamentals supporting it.


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