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The increase in digital assets in the crypto verse has brought about the quest to keep all of them visible to the investor user. The popularity of any coin is paged on how easily the user can access and spend it. Cardano (ADA) appears to have this in mind; choosing the right gateway to connect the asset with the user to spur its growth.

Exchanges and wallet are easy wins for visibility in the crypto market however, credibility and user protection are key features that make or break the link between the service provider and the user. The anonymous nature of crypto transactions requires a platform that is trusted and secure and the Abra wallet fits the bill.

Cardano Addition on Abra Wallet

Cardano (ADA) appears to be at the right place at the right time and getting listed on the Abra wallet will increase its market liquidity whilst opening up more spend-ability options for the ADA holder. The coin continues to give the user better wallet and exchange options in its campaigns to reach the global audience.

The Abra wallet is so far the best gateway to convert digital coins into fiat money or the other way round. Its popularity among digital coins is its global presence. While breaking the addition of Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX) news, the Abra team said:

Announcing our latest additions: @ADAcoin_ @AttentionToken $TRX @Tronfoundation @justinsuntron @CardanoStiftung @BrendanEich

— Abra (@AbraGlobal) September 4, 2018

Abra is an ambitious project that aims at changing how users handle their online wealth. This has led to increased and diversified methods of making payments. The integration of ADA and TRX is not only a plus to its portfolio but that of the two coins as well.

At the moment the Abra wallet is supporting 27 cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Cash being the next to be added soon. By integrating coins in the Abra system, it makes it easy for you to fund your wallet using the coins and transact into what fiat currency the wallet supports. The wallet provider is among the largest repertories in the crypto-sphere.

Cardano (ADA) Market Opportunities

Cardano and Ethereum have become bitter rivals not in a bad way but seeking to provide the investor with the best real life solutions. Modern investors are looking for platforms that are scalable, sustainable and interoperable and that are what Cardano aims to provide. These are not achieved in day and with the evolving nature of the technology, they need to be kept optimal.

Cardano has gone ahead of Ethereum by ensuring the provision of services that connect the crypto and financial sectors seamlessly and has already started making inroads in select countries in Africa and the Americas. Its presence in Africa has shaken one of the leading money transfer platform; M-Pesa to its roots.

Current Cardano (ADA) Market Hurdles

Despite its global penetration and positive reception in developing countries, the coin appears to salute to the demands of the bearish market. August was a fair month for ADA and the coin has been gaining only to be cut short a day ago when the entire market wed back to the red zone after the Bitcoin Diamond and Binance suspected pump and dump.

The Cardano (ADA) coin price is down by 8.37% against the dollar and trading at $0.086736. This is a big setback poised to delay the coin rom hitting the $1 mark before the end of the last quarter of 2018. However, the last few hours the charts are beginning to show a positive comeback across the market and hopefully ADA will break even fast.


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