Its been a busy month for Verge (XVG), we’ll pick up on all the happenings as verge moves on to innovate technology. Lots of work happening on the development side of Verge right now. There have been 4 major projects by verge. However, Verge controversial partnership with pornhub didn’t payed them off and it was expected that the audience of the privacy coin would increase after this deal but things did not work out smoothly. But verge is looking forward to move on with its current projects under way. Especially, their new innovations in technology have been the high light.


Going into a 4.48 Trillion Dollar market it requires rowdy transformation, strategic development and mass adoption. As verge (XVG) has announced online shopping with a rapid, effective and decentralized transaction arrangement. Verge have been successful in bringing the people around the world on blockchain transactions into everyday life. To increase trust worthiness towards the verge platform, the privacy coin gives their customers the full Shopping experience with Ease of Use, Secure Payment Settlement, Returns & Refunds and Free & Fast Worldwide Shopping.

Verge (XVG) have been successful in laying the mass adoption of crypto. The clarity and usefulness of the Verge Core team has everyone in the Crypto world convinced that XVG has indeed a Bright Future ahead.


Verge have announced that they are toward their final steps of the rebase project. They have finally finished rebasing Verge to Bitcoin Core version 0.13. Next, They are going to move towards Bitcoin Core version 0.17. In result that means that Verge will be on the latest Bitcoin Core base code with all the latest features of Bitcoin Core.

Since Verge has been around for a while, and they have their own differences, the challenge has been to merge those differences onto the latest Bitcoin Core. Features like Tor, multi-algorithm, stealth addressing, are the things that make Verge different from Bitcoin Core. They are working on it and in the near future they will come up with all their shortcoming vanished.


Verge Coin have completed 20% of the development program on their iOS wallet. Verge have started gaining some traction on the development of the iOS app. People are already asking for beta versions of the iOS wallet. At the moment, verge are far away from a proper beta, so that’s why XVG can’t promise on whether there will be an open beta or not. But for sure they will try, as it improves the end-product. But this will have to be a select group of people. More on that in the future.


The development on the desktop wallet has gone very smooth. People have really shown interest in desktop wallet. The next big thing for the wallet will be the integration of the insight API which will replace the connection to the full Verge node and enables the application to be lighting fast during startup and removes the need for synchronization of the blockchain. In a later iteration of the released wallet we’ll add the option to choose between running a full local node or connect to the insight API. Moreover, XVG keep developing on the wallet to finish it for a beta release. The desktop wallet will be available for Windows, macOS and Linux.


However, like the other coins the recent dip in the market has effected Verge (XVG). The dip in the market was due to Goldman Sachs backing away from the trading plans with Bitcoin (BTC).  After witnessing a huge downfall in its price earlier this year, XVG dropped in the market capitalization rankings from 14th to 40th within no time. But since then the privacy coin has seen a boost in its price. A coin at $0.01 has more chances to hit 100x gain to $1 than other big coins. Because the low price of coin provides the investor to acquire a number of privacy coins. If the market starts another bullish run as we saw in 2017, XVG will stand to benefit as most investors look for a cheap option to purchase.

Verge (XVG) foundation is working very hard to wash off the reputation damage experienced from the FUD spread on XVG, and the continued partnerships, the market resurging will prove to be the Chemical X in pushing XVG’s price towards its all-time high price once again. The promising projects of verge will have an important effect on the investors of privacy coin. Hoping that vegre will soon be at its best later in Q4.


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