The growing popularity of social networks keeps growing and it is no longer a preserve for the young at heart. It cuts across all ages. However, all these active users participate without any form of incentives. The entry of Reddcoin (RDD) is soon becoming a game changer given that it is one of the fastest growing and promising social digital coins in the market today.

So far, the coin has not shown any indications of creating its own social network outfit and is set to ride on the existing ones audiences. A simple integration is all it needs to join the craze. The key targets are giants like Facebook and Telegram. These are global outfit that conversion rates are high once a rewarding system is triggered.

How Does Reddcoin and Social Networks Work?

The hard part for Reddcoin is the initial acceptance and once that hurdle is cleared. The coin will be able to enrich the lives of millions of social network goers.  The coin will cash in on the vibrancy of social networks by users tipping each other depending on what they post on their timelines or comment.

This way, the social networks will transform from the current pass time interaction to posting helpful information that enriches the users. The tipping will use the RDD digital coin and it is through the usability and spent that will spur the coin value and price growth. Incentivizing the sector will mean more participation in a transparent environment.

Reddcoin (RDD) is a Utility Digital Asset

The growth of Reddcoin (RDD) is based on the “velocity” concept and those who use the RDD token most have more governance powers on the Reddcoin ecosystem. This is a good way of empowering the users to participate more and grow the ecosystem going to the future. Since the RDD native token is under the utility coin category, it is the best fit for social networks as opposed to the security coins.

The best thing about the Reddcoin ecosystem is that it has a home baked wallet; the ReddCoin Core. This, together with the Redd ID feature that offers users to use unique and distinct profile names that they can link to their social network profiles. The feature comes with a light browser that makes the tipping process seamless and easy to switch between the various social networks under the user profile.

Reddcoin (RDD) Redd ID Expected Soon

The Redd ID is set to be released this month of September and will see the beginning of the platform long journey into the social network craze. The community excitement is on high gear as the developer team appears to keep its word on releasing Redd ID v1.0 to the public as per their roadmap and here are some of the feature to expect:Reddcoin

Reddcoin (RDD) transactions are to the micro level and this is ideal for social network goers and does not attract any fees when tipping. This will also benefit content creators as part of the advertising revenue will go to their efforts and this will attract the best content developers in order to get noticed by high profile advertisers.

RDD coin holders are anticipating a surge in the coin price towards the Redd ID launch and the signs are already showing despite the bearish market. The RDD coin has been trading in the green zone for the last 24 hours and has managed to gain 5.67% to trade at $0.003475. The coin has also gained to Bitcoin by 6.79% during the same trading session.


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