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MobileGo (MGO) is the latest go to eSports cryptocurrency and has been on the spotlight after it threatened to go to court and sue people making unrealistic demands against the company. In a tweet dated august 17 claiming the platform is threatening investors and others criticizing their ICO execution. The media exposure has given the coin additional mileage in the market.

However, the MGO token appears to have hit the ground running and is attracting a lot of investor attention and this has given the growing community more energy. The coin price has been surging and is already reading in the double digit threshold.

Jaxx Wallet to Support MobileGo (MGO)

While the court decision controversy is still fresh, the coin has gotten a boost from Jaxx Wallet App and the support has seen the coin volumes and price surge in the last 24-hour trading period. At press time, the MGO token was trading at $0.126416 after gaining 40.46%, 17.86% and 30.07% against the dollar, Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.

A statement that broke the good news read in part:

“The MobileGo project is delighted to announce that their internal platforms MGO Tokens are now supported by the popular Jaxx wallet application.”

The Jaxx MobileGo will see the wallet service provider give MGO all the supporting tools the application has on offer. At the moment, Jaxx has over 700,000 users and this is a good audience for the MGO tokens to play. Jaxx recently hinted that they are bringing onboard in-game applications and other events to boost their visibility and this is good for MGO as a route to the market and eventual adoption from eSports lovers.

The coin has shown a lot of potential in the crypto verse in the last few days which has seen the coins market cap hit the 10million mark and continues to grow in a market that has succumbed to the bearish forces for two months running.

MobileGo (MGO) Recent Media Exposure

After the platform infighting and Sergey Sholom MobileGo CEO admitting through the official MobileGo channel by stating that“there has been a lot of noise about investor money” and advised readers there will be “legal action considered against parties spreading rumors that undermine the token’s value,” the coin determination is the market appears undistracted. The Sholom added that; the only “legit” goal of the project is the success of the token and the platform.”

MobileGo (MGO) Future

MobileGo has already been listed in major exchanges including HitBTC, Liqui, Tidex and Waves and waiting to be listed on platforms where it can be paired with fiat. With the growing eSports industry and many brands coming in in form of sponsorship and MobileGo will play a vital role in ensuring participants gain through decentralized events and tournaments.

According to the official website, MobileGo eSports is still in its infancy and their entry into the market will usher in a new era of competitive gaming across the globe. It is a peer to peer platform and with fast transactions speeds, the token is sending the industry into new heights.


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