Verge XVG

Verge (XVG) appears to have learned the hard way when it comes to partnerships in the crypto world. However, the past mistakes have ushered in a new era and the coin visibility in the market is taking a new shape. The team behind the platform has become user sensitive and they are giving the community what suits them in their daily lives.

With the rising interest in privacy coins, Verge has an upper hand in terms of spent-ability, usage and has already made its brand a global household name through positive and negative media that has become synonymous with digital assets. In the recent past, PundiX has covered a lot of ground Verge and the results are now trickling in.

PundiX Role in increased Verge (XVG) Uptake

PundiX is a no-nonsense outfit when it comes to transformation of the retail industry using the blockchain technology. Its point-of-sale solutions have earned the firm its reputation. It offers an easy platform where you can accept cryptocurrency payments. PundiX model is easy to integrate and has proven to offer real life use case solutions in the crypto verse.

Verge (XVG) recently got a nod among other digital coins to be integrated into the PundiX platform and get the much needed exposure of over 1,000 affiliates spread across Columbia. The system is still in the beta stage and once it goes live, XVG will have a global reach. PundiX is testing their f(x) which they say will be a game changer in supporting real use cases.

More Companies Accepting Verge (XVG)

Verge (XVG) reputation still remains intact and has seen more outlets accept XVG as their official payment methods and this is not any feat in the competitive crypto industry. Investors’ confidence on the Verge ecosystem has been boosted by the more than 120 firms that use verge through their physical or online stores and the number keeps growing by the day.

Unlike other coins, Verge privacy features are gaining popularity among users and traders. Apart from financial privacy, the coin is ideal for hopping for goods and services that the holder does not want disclosed to the world. Prescription medicine, adult site subscriptions and gifting are some of the areas the coin is coming handy in.

New Verge (XVG) Explores Other Payment Options

The success of any digital coin in the market is pegged in the number of use cases behind it and the June announcement that Verge and TokenPay are working in a deal to introduce debit cards through WEG bank is a good move in the right direction for XVG. Debit cards might not be a good idea to many but once XVG is accepted in more stores, it will offer a convenient way to shop and pay for services.

The push by PundiX and more outlets using Verge is a surefire catalyst for increased usage. This will in a nutshell translate into increased liquidity, value traction and price surge due to increased market demand. With the current price surge, the Verge coin might surprise many in the coming months given that the coin appears to have stayed clear of controversies and concentrating on mass adoption, investor confidence and value addition.

Current Verge (XVG) Price

After several weeks of oscillating between the red and green zones, the Verge coin XVG appears to be gaining ground if the last 24-hour trading session is anything to go by. The coin has defied all odds to trade in the double digit territory after gaining 18.77% to the dollar to trade at $0.013827.

Although ranked 40th by market cap, the coin has seen a total of $6.4million worth of XVG change hands in a span of 24 hours. A lot of support is coming through Binance and Bittrex with each pushing 52.08% and 24.96% of the total volumes with XVG/BTC and XVG/ETH being the trending pairs of the day.


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