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Digibyte (DGB) is an old project, and one of the most technically advanced in the market. However, due to bitcoin’s dominant position, and the heavy marketing of projects that have centralized teams behind them, Digibyte (DGB) hasn’t got much visibility in the market over the years. But 2018 has been quite different thanks to the launch of the Digibyte (DGB) awareness team. This is the team that has been tasked by the community to spread the word about Digibyte (DGB), and so far they have been successful in their endeavors. That’s because Digibyte (DGB) has seen an increase in usage, and is now listed on more exchanges than ever before.

The DigiByte awareness team (DGBAT) are now taking thing to the next level by launching the DGBAT website. Through this website, the team will post everything related to Digibyte (DGB) including the latest happenings around the project. Basically, it is an informational platform aimed at reaching more people, and get them to understand the project better.

This move by DGBAT will have a wide range of implications on Digibyte (DGB). The first one is that it will draw in more investors, and drive up the trading volumes of Digibyte (DGB).  There are lots of people out there who don’t understand Digibyte (DGB), and what it is all about. Now that the crypto has a platform to share everything about itself, awareness will without a doubt improve. Not many people know the value of a truly decentralized platform like Digibyte (DGB), but as information spreads, they will know about it, and come to appreciate its importance in the market. So far the DGBAT activities on social media have led to an increase in user numbers, and this latest move is a welcome addition in pushing up those numbers.

On top of that, as awareness about Digibyte (DGB) grows, so will its adoption, especially in its core market of cyber security. That’s because as word spreads about Digibyte, the capabilities of this blockchain will also become more pronounced.  Somewhere out there, there is a company that doesn’t know of the power of something like Digi-ID, but will now get to know about it as the DGB buzz gains momentum. In short, this website will lead to a bigger discovery of a gem that has been hidden from many, due to the hype around other projects in the market.

So how is the market responding to this news in the day? Well, due to the heavy sell off in the market today, Digibyte (DGB), like all other cryptos is in the red. However, unlike most altcoins that are averaging drops of 8 – 10%, Digibyte (DGB) has shed off, just about 4% of its value. This is an indicator that today’s deep has not weighed heavily on Digibyte (DGB) and it could outperform the market in case of a rebound. Long term, as Digibyte core fundamentals become clearer to the market, the value of this crypto will without a doubt rise by a huge magnitude going into the future. It is one of the cryptos to watch going into Q4 of 2018.


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