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The cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering after losing most of the gains made through September at the start of the week. Tron (TRX) has had some shining moments so far in the year but the recent results are not positive to the average TRX investor as the coin struggles to hit the $0.067 USD mark since its mainnet launch.

The new TRX token, independent from the ERC20 standards, is currently trading at an average price of $0.020994 USD across the major exchanges representing less than a half percent growth in the last 24 hours. The market has been unstable in the past 24 hours as the price peaked at $0.021 USD. Below is a chart showing the 24 hour price movement in TRON.Tron

The TRONWalletMe platform launches

The Tron Foundation team announced late last week that they will launch the TronWalletMe, a secure open source P2P crypto wallet and exchange for the first citizens of TRON Network. The wallet will be the first of its kind on the Tron Blockchain as they toughen up their competition to Ethereum blockchain. Users on the platform will access the wallet and store securely their TRC 20 tokens where they can share with other users too.

“True innovation requires a double-pronged approach: targeting excellence in both idea generation and final execution. With over 16 years’ experience in distributed applications development, the TronWalletMe team is experienced in helping customers build products and implement innovative strategies in the blockchain industry and beyond. We believe that cultivating meaningful work and meaningful relationships with our partners, clients and users enables us to create superior products.

“Radical transparency and ethics are part of our DNA”

— Dio Ianakiara, TronWalletMe, CEO

The latest release opens up a new competitive tool for Tron against its arch nemesis, Ethereum. Tron has long been considered a potential replacement for the Ethereum blockchain as its platform is scalable, faster and cheaper than Ethereum. These qualities have seen developers migrating to the Tron blockchain and even sparked Justin’s reaction to urging developers to ditch Ethereum and move to Tron platform.

TRON Foundation joins Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF)

Furthermore, Tron Foundation has become a big supporter of the Binance Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), an organization by Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange that recently announced a partnership with the United Nations. The organization aims at improving the lives people across the globe through the use of blockchain technology and associated cryptocurrencies. Speaking on the joining of the partnership with UN, Binance chief, Chengpeng Zhao, applauded TRON’s commitment to the course of the BCF.

“TRON [Foundation] is a big supporter to the Blockchain Charity Foundation.” – Binance CEO, CZ Binance.

Justin will be waiting on the UN campaign to kick off and help millions around the world understand blockchain and use the revolutionary technology to better their daily lives. He commented on the partnership between Binance BCF and UN saying,

“Huge congrats to @cz_binance. #TRON is glad to support @BinanceBCF and be part of this great partnership! #TRX $TRX” – @justinsuntron on Twitter


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