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Last Month, NEO Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for the month of August using a new template, which was based on the community feedback. Neo (NEO) explained their monthly progress in their report, their monthly report for September covers the following highlights.

Highlights on Development Progress of NEO!

NEO-CLI 2.9.0 and Akka framework

In September, NEO released NEO and NEO-CLI 2.9.0. The most astonishing aspect of NEO 2.9.0 is that it uses Akka framework. The Akka framework uses the Actor model to overpower the limitations of conventional object-oriented programming. This framework will help solve the challenges of a highly simultaneous distributed system.

It is also necessary to mention that in this version of NEO-CLI, a lot of new functions are packaged in form of plugins, concentrated on improving the safety, stability and flexibility of NEO nodes. Users can choose the new models without having to input clumsy commands to start NEO-CLI. This will help decrease manual errors and operations of either opening wallet or getting application logs are simplifies, which makes placing nodes more suitable.

One more feature is that the application logs are saved in form of levelDB which has significantly reduced the number of application logs and have resolved the “out of inodes” problems on Linux.


The NEO ecosystem has increased greatly in last few months, leading to an increase in the number of dApps executed on the NEO blockchain, needing a diverse set of asset types. On users request, NGD has evolved CNEO and CGAS, two contract assets that alike map, NEO and GAS, two global assets, to NEP-5 smart contract equivalents. CNEO and CGAS were generated due to NEO’s UTXO assets (NEO & GAS) cannot be easily used by smart contracts. By changing NEO and GAS to NEP-5 equivalent, developers can approach to full smart contract functionality and can make use of the NEO and GAS tokens within the applications. CNEO and CGAS can also be changed for NEO and GAS at a 1:1 ratio and are fully refundable.

NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program

This month NEO announced its NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program (NEO VBP), in adjustment with NGD’s commitment to the security of NEO network. This program calls on the security experts to support NEO’s security, by allowing tasks to teams and individuals who will identify and submit eligible vulnerabilities. The honors will be given on behalf of the seriousness of the vulnerability.

NEO Creative Design Competition

The NEO Creative Design Competition was officially launched in September. The event is organized by NGD and calls for the community to create website and icon designs that reflect NEO’s philosophy of “Smart Economy”. A prize pool of US$30,000 is up for grabs and submissions are open until October 14th.

NGD Team Expansion

NGD is an organization that was established by NEO Foundation (NF) in March 2018. Its aim is to focus on the accomplishment of NF strategies covering technological research and development, community development, marketing and ecosystem growth. NEO are in a thrilling phase as NGD is growing very rapidly. In last month, NEO had a number of new members joining their team and is continuing to look after some new exciting young talent to make them part of their team.



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