NEM (XEM) last day (2nd Oct, 2018) announced their partnership with OATH protocol. This partnership between NEM and OATH will bring a major change in the security structure of XEM. OATH is building a security layer that facilitates decentralized community decision making across public chains and dApps. 

OATH protocol is based on the common-law jury set up and uses blockchain, cryptographic algorithms, random algorithms related with classes and attributes, jurors’ credit level and case-trailing technology.  

In NEM ecosystem, it can be integrated into voting system. OATH will provide an additional layer of security and stabilize the network to increase usability of the voting of NEM, by making the voting system free and fair. It will provide a structure to solve the issues in the decentralized and fair way. Steve Li, Leader NEM China stated:  

“Oath protocol is an innovative way to give NEM a better experience on voting solution. With Oath protocol build on NEM, we believe NEM is getting more and more recognition from app and protocol builder among the blockchain industry. This relationship will surely benefit both Oath and NEM community.”  

This collaboration between XEM and OATH is a well-built security enhancement to the blockchain technology but it will also supply a layer of security to XEM users, by allowing the system to solve any sort of issue from customers use of chain. 


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