Since TRON (TRX) formed the TRON Foundation, its main focus was to decentralize the web and reshape the world with a new technology. They have formed a technical team and a public chain, so they remain in contact with their users. Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON has been the most activate CEO on the media informing about day-to-day developments of TRX. He remains in contact with the general public and Tron users, this connection is very important for a company to move forward. TRON network is grateful to their supporters and followers who have put their faith in Tron network.

The announcement of the very first Tronics Support Plan by TRON (TRX) was made back in mid of the last month in September. Tron actually created this plan to get as much support from the users as much they can, and increase their adoption among the crypto users. Tron have completed the phase one of the Support Plan.

Since the TRON Foundation released the Tronics Support Plan, TRX have received a lot of support from Tronics around the globe. At the moment the principal circulation of TRON Foundation is steady but Tron still welcomes their community members. Tron is enhancing even speedy and powerful than ever. TRX will use the funds for growing more blockchain technologies.

The community members will have the option to extract their rewards after the foundation egresses the TRX-locking time. Throughout this time, the TRX locked will be relatively possessed by the members, but still they will be managed by the Tron Foundation. TRON Foundation will honor the community members with TRX in fraction to their donations. These honors (rewards) will be taken from the reserves secured by the Tron foundation. 

Before the release of the TRX frozen by the TRON foundation on 1st Jan 2020, the subsidizes from the supporters will peer the funds frozen by the foundation. Through this time period, the complete number of the TRX frozen will not change. 

The Tron foundation will continue with this program in future while developing and optimizing more dApps and improving Tron ecosystem. Tron Foundation will move forward with the aim of ‘Decentralizing the Web’. 

Phase one of the Support Plan has been a great experience for both Tron and its users. Tron is working on its next phase completion and in coming days they will inform about it. Tron Foundation in coming days will make a modification of the number of TRX frozen based on the advancement of their Support plan. Tron will launch a complete list of their supporters with the number of the donation after contacting with their supporters. This support program in future will help TRX grow their adoption among different digital currency users. 


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