XRP, Ripple, XRapid

Unless you are a maximalist and are willing to put all your eggs in one basket, it makes sense to have a diversified crypto portfolio. However, even in such a portfolio, one needs to hold cryptos that have substance. Substance, in the sense that they are technically superior, and have a real chance at adoption or are actually gaining mass adoption. That’s because crypto valuations will largely be driven by adoption going into the future. Cryptos that have real use cases stand a good chance to thrive, going into the long-run.  On this basis, 3 cryptos that make sense to have in a long-term crypto portfolio are Electroneum (ETN), XRP (XRP) and Stellar (XLM). Here’s why.

Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum (ETN)’s core features place it in a unique position, in terms of the potential for adoption. That’s because it has a patent pending for instant payments, and this will make it a strong competitor to centralized platforms like Paypal. That’s a multi-billion dollar market, one that Electroneum could dominate in the future. Electroneum (ETN) also aims to give financial services to millions of smartphone users in the developing world. That’s a huge market, one that it will dominate now that it is implementing KYC, something that opens it up to potential partnerships with mobile service provider. These factors will see the value of ETN grow over time, making it a good long-term hold.


XRP (XRP) is another crypto that looks set to perform well in the future, because it could revolutionize banking.  XRapid recently went live and it is expected that at least one bank will be using it this year. In the long-run, more banks will come on-board too, for the cost-savings that it gives. In specifics, banks can cut costs by up to 60%. In the long-run, this will see the value of XRP rise significantly in value. This makes it a worthwhile hold to have in a long-term crypto portfolio. That’s because as banks start using XRapid, the demand for XRP will rise over time. The possibility of XRapid becoming the standard of payments in the future is quite high.

Stellar (XLM)

Like Electroneum (ETN) and XRP (XRP), Stellar has a real chance of adoption in the market.  It has a partnership with IBM that makes it a strong competitor to XRP in the cross-border payments market. Besides, the stellar network has a good chance at revolutionizing the stock markets through security token offerings. Through Stellar STOs, top companies like ripple, Apple among others could tokenize, and open them up to investors from all across the world. Stellar also has KYC, which will fast track its adoption in the market. Stellar’s potential for adoption makes it a high potential hold going into the future. Adoption in banking alone could see its value push above a dollar.

A crypto portfolio comprised of these 3 cryptos is without a doubt a low risk, high return portfolio. They are cryptos whose potential for long-term adoption is pretty much guaranteed.



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