Dogecoin (DOGE), meme coin

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been out of the news for a week or so. The users of Dogecoin might be thinking that what’s up next for DOGE. The recent dogecoin gains looks to be slowing down, it’s obvious that a coin with a ‘Dormant Will’ will go through such situation. Dogecoin in start of September recorded a gain in price up to $0.0069, when every other coin was having a harsh time. But since than dogecoin’s momentum has slowed down, which has kept the interest of investor still fixed on the coin. 

Dogecoin has been involved in some charity work but nothing much more has been listened from dogecoin platform and DOGE’s activity with GitHub have been silent for the last twelve months or so. And still the coin has able to remain at decent height in the market. What really does the investors need to know about Dogecoin (DOGE)? 

Yahoo Finance Listing  

The recent listing of Dogecoin (DOGE) on Yahoo Finance has seen dogecoin surge very high in start of September. This listing of DOGE on Yahoo Finance has shown that what the real potential of the coin really is. This has increased the honor of dogecoin among its investors and this has boost up the credence of the investors as compared to four, five months ago.  

Dogecoin being listed with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum has given a huge confidence to DOGE, as for the coin which is at 20th spot but has made to Yahoo platform before the other top ten high ranked digital currencies. Trading on Yahoo Finance has given DOGE more visibility and has created more demand for dogecoin’s value to grow. 

Dogecoin with the help of Yahoo Finance will increase its user base and over 165 million users are active on the network. This will also help dogecoin to expose itself to another trading hub, TrdaeIt which is a partner of Yahoo Finance.

Dogecoin is Looking for Another Big Go! 

When Dogecoin started off, its main focus was to represent a blockchain-based currency that would allow easy remunerate. Dogecoin aim was to have a cost-effective payment method. For example, 1 DOGE would equal to 1 DOGE, just like in fait currency, where $1 dollar equals $1 dollar. DOGE is not a deflationary coin, it was created to have a strong stability as it goes on spending time in the market as an active trade asset. This action will help dogecoin gain adoption and recognition among the cryptocurrency users. 

The next big thing Dogecoin is looking after is their Dogethereum bridge, which has already been announced. The demo of the DOGE/ETH bridge was shown on 5th September.  

The Dogethereum Bridge 

After the demo of the DOGE/ETH bridge shown earlier in Sep, the Dev team announced that they will give much of the time to this project but the time of its official release is not specified. This is the biggest achievement of dogecoin so far and it’s the next big thing for DOGE. So far this bridge has kept DOGE in top 20th and until it’s not released officially, dogecoin is very much in the game. So, wait for its official launch, and it is expected that this will be a dream launch for dogecoin which will take it to the moon. 


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