Cybermiles CMT, Holochain (HOT)

Cybermiles (CMT) and Holochain (HOT) are again among the leading coins in today’s (9th Oct, 2018) market. They have been able to benefit every time from a bull market in recent five to six weeks. Currently, Holochain is on 47th spot and Cybermiles is on 65th spot in the market. At the time of writing, both they coins are gaining up to 3% in last 24 hours. Where will both of these coins stand in next year? What are their plans to stay high in the crypto market? 

Cybermiles (CMT) 

On 15th October, 2018, Cybermiles (CMT) will launch its “MainNet”, this will a big day for CMT. This launch will be a big achievement for CMT network and a great milestone in pursuit to make a true decentralized E-commerce ecosystem. By running this MainNet on the CMT blockchain, the Cybermiles network will be able to operate an autonomous blockchain network. This will add new components to the current blockchain technology of CMT and will be free from all the fringes of Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.  

This will provide CMT blockchain a favorable condition for E-commerce connected decentralized applications. The smart contracts will authorize a new platform of E-commerce with CMT tokens. 

Rfinex is a Geneva, Switzerland-based blockchain asset-trading platform that aims to provide users with safer, more convenient blockchain accounting voucher trading services. The Rfinex R&D team masters the world’s top technologies. They Cybermiles network has been listed on the Rfinex security crypto exchange. This will allow CMT users a cost-free transaction through Rfinex platform. This listing will help CMT users with a wide-range of transferring money. 

Holochain (HOT) 

Holochain (HOT) has been one of those coins who have surged in the past few weeks. It stays in the top 50 coins and is gaining momentum in the market. Holo is aiming to fix the issues of the centralized wen. Hot wants to replace the centralized servers with P2P web applications.  

Holochain has the ability to change the centralize web issues. The Facebook hack issue showed the world that how much insecure the centralize web is, Holochain has the ability to change the social media network. It is not like other blockchains, it is agent-centric. This means that each agent can have an immutable hash chain and can store public data as a DHT node. With this ability holochain is capable of making the web lightweight, highly centralized and secure. This is what the web wants and in future we will see Holochain as the fixer of the centralize web issues with its decentralized approach. 

There has been a speculation roaming around that Mozilla has partnered Holochain (HOT), this has excited the HOT investors and has led to an increase in the price of Holochain. Holochain Communication Director, Matthew Schutte stated in August that they are in talks with Mozilla network. He further added that the partnership with Mozilla can take place in Q1 of 2019. If this deal happens, the price of holochain will shoot and can lead the coin to top 20. 

Market Performance & Conclusion 

At the time of writing, Cybermiles (CMT) was trading at a price of $0.13 USD with a market cap of $100 million. On the other hand, Holochain (HOT) was trading at a price of$0.0012 USD with a market cap of $160 million. 

Both the coins are making progress in their particular projects and due to those projects and speculations roaming around, CMT and HOT have been able to surge in market. Investors are very much interested to see what goes next. Both the coins have their own capabilities to conquer the market, this has created an interest for investors to invest in Cybermiles and Holochain, and in future we can see more investment coming into CMT and HOT. These both coins can have a decent time if the market goes bullish as it went in start of 2018. 


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