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Verge (XVG) has been recovering pretty well in recent time, the Privacy coin has suffered a lot. This suffering turns out to be good for XVG because they have understood the demand of the users. This is a good time for Verge to come out with new plans and developments and learn from their mistakes. Other coins haven,t went through a disastrous situation like Verge, so XVG really knows how to handle difficult situations of market and come back with better plan. Verge in recent times have come up with thrilling developments and XVG has started gaining the trust of the users once again, which is a good sign. Verge ups and downs have made it stronger than ever.

Investors need to know certain things about Verge, and why should they invest in XVG and HODL it at the moment?

The Price of Verge (XVG)

At the moment, Verge has a decent price and every one can buy it. The value of XVG has been around $0.01 USD for a while, the investors should understand that Verge will surge very high as soon as the bull market comes, which isn’t far away and other factors that will affect the price are XVG’s developments. At the time of writing, Verge was trading around $0.015 USD with a market cap of $241 million. When compared with BTC, it was trading around 0.000002 BTC. So buying more XVG’s and HODLing them would be the best option and wait for that bullish moment.

Optional Privacy

Verge is anonymous by default, meaning that those how want to keep their transactions private, they can keep it private and those who want it to be public, they can keep their transaction public. This technology is the Wraith protocol, and this has made Verge to be used around the world. Many countries do not allow private coins, however, Verge with optional privacy has been able to use every where, and everyone is able to use it. This will increase the adoption of Verge (XVG).

Speed And Scalability

Verge transactions are very fast and secure. XVG is much faster than many other top cryptocurrencies. Other major factor for a digital currency is scalability and Verge has a very good scalability compared to first generation cryptocurrencies. Verge has a maximum 100 transactions per second, when compared to BTC’s 7 tps and ETH’s 15 tps. These two factors together causes low cost transaction rate.

Verge (XVG) Recent Developments

In last few months, Verge has been working on different programs and they have kept their users up to date with their new road-map developments. Verge keeping their community updated had allowed users to understand the projects of XVG. This shows that Verge really wants to move up with other coins and has worked on its technology.

Verge has been listed to different exchanges including ChangeNow, CoinSoda and it also has been added to Bitnovo and Crypto Planet, where users can use Verge as fiat currency alternative. Verge has also adopted Ledger Nano S, which will provide its users with much better security. This hardware wallet will allow HODLers to HODL their tokens offline, without any threat of hacking.

Other big development is the release of new version of Verge wallet. The new Electron Verge wallet improves the security and has some new structural upgrades. The new wallet comes with a variety of new features including, decentralized, open source, reliable, community-driven, and secure. The other big release is the Verge update of its codebase to Bitcoin v0.13. This will allow to create mobile payment system. So, Verge is moving with some great technical updates and in future more developments are to come.

Many other small projects are also in progress. Verge with such great developments shows that in coming days Verge will go back to its previous spot in the market, with an increase in its price. So this is the best time to buy more XVG tokens and HODL them and wait for the right moment i.e until the market goes bullish.


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