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CoinGate will now accept Binance Coin (BNB) payments and ADAMANT Messenger will also support BNB for transaction of money. Binance Coin is moving ahead, as it provides a bigger platform of usage of BNB for its users. The BNB users after paying can convert their currency into Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins through CoinGate. All received payments will be automatically settled to EUR/USD or to BTC, depending on customers preference. Another, big progress is of ADAMANT messenger supporting Binance Coin. It is a decentralized messaging-platform that includes complete cryptocurrency transfer integration.   

COINGATE Accepts Binance Coin Payments 

CoinGate will now accept Binance Coin (BNB) payments. CoinGate will make it easy to receive payments in most popular digital currencies, including BNB. It will be easy for merchants, through CoinGate after receiving BNB payment, all received payments would automatically convert to EUR/USD or to BTC/LTC, depending upon the wish of the customer. 

To pay, the user has to integrate CoinGate’s payment entry on their website, while choosing one of the following: 

  • One of CoinGate ready-made integrations for e-commerce content management systems or web billing platforms (like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WHMCS and similar). 
  • Developer API that can be configured for any website and different codebases (e.g. Ruby, PHP, Omnipay, Python, NodeJS…). 
  • Payment buttons for accepting donations or simple payments (for example, if you only sell one or several products). 

For getting started with accepting BNB as well as BTC, LTC and other altcoins, the customer will firstly have to sign up with the GoinGate. After signing up, the user will have to create API credentials if the user wants to take benefit from E-commerce plugins; If they do not want this, just move forward and create your first payment button. 

ADAMANT Messenger Supports Binance Coin 

ADAMANT messenger is a decentralized messaging application which comprises entire cryptocurrency transfer integration. Earlier in June, Team ADAMANT completed the integration of Ethereum. If the users’ wants to send BNB in-chats, they would need to fill their Binance wallet in the ADAMANT messenger. The user can do this through transferring BNB from any other wallet or any exchange. The users can find their Binance Coin wallet address on the Wallet. 

How to make a transfer through ADAMANT messenger, the user has to follow the following steps: 

  • The user will open the chat first and choose the person that the user wants to send payment, 
  • Then the user will click on Plus (+) sign, which will be on the left of the message input field, 
  • The user will choose BNB option by clicking “Send BNB”, 
  • After this enter the amount and confirm your transaction. 

ADAMANT messenger

These two additions for binance coin is a good sign, this will improve the user base of Binance and help the coin grow its network. Binance also made itself available for trading in Real Estate, and buying and selling property. So, BNB is growing its network through different platforms, which is good for the coin to stay and compete in the market. 


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