Blockchain technology has revolutionized the tech world. However it is being held back by a number of issues, the biggest of these being scalability. That’s why DAG technology is slowly picking up momentum. Unlike blockchain technology, DAG has no blocks and miners, which makes it a superior technology to blockchain.  It is also increasingly gaining prominence in different crypto-related forums. Recently, it was discussed in a WTO report, as an alternative to blockchain strategy. The IOHK team, which is the team behind Cardano (ADA) is also doing research on DAG technology. This is a clear indicator that this technology is indeed a superior tech, and as the world shifts towards decentralization, it will take a more central role in the future. In essence, any cryptos that run on DAG are bound to thrive going into the long-run.

One such crypto is IOTA (MIOTA). IOTA is based on DAG technology, which makes it one of the best coins in the market. One of its greatest strengths to IOTA (MIOTA) is that it is feeless. This places it in a unique position in terms of adoption in the market because its lack of fees is attractive to users looking to transfer value on the internet. On top of that, IOTA has Qubic, a platform that could make IOTA (MIOTA) the number one platform in the Dapps market.

That’s because its highly scalable and feeless nature makes it quite useful in the launch of all kinds of Dapps, without the inefficiencies that come with platform blockchains. These features give IOTA (MIOTA) a strong head start in the IoT market, which is projected to be worth over ten trillion dollars in the near future.  Even the partnerships that IOTA (MIOTA) has gained up to this point to its potential rise, going into the future. IOTA (MIOTA) has already gained adoption in the auto industry, and looks set to take over allied industries such as the car insurance industry.

Another DAG-based coin that has the potential to dominate the markets is Nano (NANO). Like IOTA (MIOTA), Nano is feeless and extremely scalable. This makes it quite attractive as a currency. As crypto gains more mainstream adoption, Nano (Nano) could emerge as of one of those that become a standard of payment.  There is also the fact that Nano (Nano) is making steps in the IoT industry. Just recently, the Nano center tested a Nano-charger, which is a significant step towards mass adoption. In essence, like IOTA, Nano is slowly proving that DAG technology is the future.

These two cryptos may not be at the top of market cap today, but they are definitely headed there. Once their use cases become clearer in the market, these two cryptos will surprise the markets. The IoT market will be one of the biggest industries in the next decade, and DAG based coins will be at its forefront. A coin like Nano has the potential to make it to high double digit valuations in the future, as the IoT market takes shape.


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